Our spring 2021 sale is over! Check back for details on our April 2022 sale.

 2021 plant sale flyer

Like to spend time in the garden and get your hands dirty? Order native plants from Marian University's annual native plant sale, sponsored by the Nina Mason Pulliam EcoLab. All plants are of the native Indiana genotype, which helps ensure their success in Indiana gardens and restored habitats. 

  • When: Online ordering begins April 1 and continues through April 30.
  • Where: Our 2021 sale is all ONLINE! There will be no plant sale day. Scheduled pickups for online orders will be on Marian University campus.

senna and sunflowersOur plants come from Spence Restoration Nursery in Muncie, IN. Spence is a reputable company specializing in native plant propagation. Visit their website for a wealth of information about restoration and native plant installation. You'll also find lots of information about the native plants they sell and their environmental specifications.

A wide variety of flowers and grasses is available.

We are selling 30 different species of plants native to Indiana, including flowers, grasses, and sedges, all of which are perennial.milkweedPlants come in 2.375" by 3.75" open-bottom pots. While they are not large, many of the species will bloom this year if planted in the proper location. Once established, they will provide years of blooms and habitat for you and native Indiana wildlife. 

Contact Stephanie Schuck, restoration ecologist, at sschuck@marian.edu with questions or comments. Visit the Nina Mason Pulliam EcoLab web pages and check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Invasive-Free logoWant to know more about native plants? Here are some resources on where to get them, the many benefits of using them, how to install them, and long-term maintenance tips:

Here are resources on how you can make your yard more wildlife-friendly and why it is important:

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