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journey to 2030

Driven by innovation, quality and swift acts of courage, our Journey to 2030 will help to secure a better future for our university and our students. In the spirit of boldness, we are setting forth on a path to raise $350 million by 2025 and $500 million by 2030.

This funding is imperative in continuing the exponential growth of the University and setting our students on the pathway to achieving their dreams academically, professionally, and personally.

Always Forward

In staying true to being good stewards of the resources shared with the university, funds raised for this campaign will be aligned with our strategic initiative priorities and other supporting initiatives that will secure financial support for: 1) Endowment growth for student scholarships; faculty positions; and program excellence; 2) Facilities related to fulfilling our mission; 3) Strategic programming to better serve students, the professions, and excellence in learning.

Learn more about these giving options below.

Journey to 2030

Marian University’s Journey to 2030 is driven by innovation, quality, and swift acts of courage to forge an even bolder future. As a Catholic university in a great American city, we seek gifts from individuals in our community who share a passion for improving the lives of our students, and the professions critical to human flourishing, and the common good. We are inviting other leaders to prayerfully reflect on how they will engage in the Journey to 2030. Please commit to joining our Journey to 2030.

GOAL TO DATE: $349.9 million | 47% TO 2030 GOAL ($750 million)


E. S. Witchger School of Engineering

Opened in the Fall of 2022, the E. S. Witchger School of Engineering has moved Marian University forward, expanding its vision as a Catholic university to offer Bachelor of Engineering degrees that are rooted in the liberal arts tradition, and to graduate a diverse pipeline of talented leaders. Fulfilling our Marian University Promise, engineering graduates will receive a rigorous, personalized education that prepares them for successful and productive careers.

GOAL TO DATE: $43.8 million
55% TO 2030 GOAL ($80 million)

Fred S. Klipsch Educators College and Center for Vibrant Schools

Marian University is a national leader in attracting and developing talent to support, accelerate, and invest in vibrant schools. And, we are committed to providing access and success for all Fred S. Klipsch Educators College students, including first-generation and minority individuals. In keeping with Marian’s commitment to endowed scholarships, one goal is to have a permanent endowment that funds scholarships for prospective education majors. Please consider making a financial gift to support this, and other Klipsch Educators College funding priorities.

GOAL TO DATE: $115.8 million
46.3% TO 2030 GOAL ($250 million)

Mission & Identity

Marian University will be a national leader in recruiting, educating, and forming ethical leaders who integrate faith in service to the Church and lifelong service to their faith communities, families, businesses and the towns, cities, states, and countries in which they live, pray, work, and play. Your gift supports the journeys of all students, by significantly increasing their participation in Marian’s faith community through service, prayer, and worship, through campus ministry and theological exploration.

GOAL TO DATE: $15.2 million
50.6% TO 2030 GOAL ($30 million)


Marian University is committed to the development of the “whole person” – mind, body, and spirit. The expansion of athletics programs has been a major force in Marian University’s ability to achieve remarkable outcomes in academic achievement and the creation of a vibrant campus life. Because athletics has been such a powerful source for good, our effort will include the recognition, celebration, and significant investments in these programs.

GOAL TO DATE: $30.3 million
60.6% TO 2030 GOAL ($50 million)
Learn about Marian Athletics $1M Match Initiative

Byrum School of Business

Building on Byrum’s enrollment growth, national recognition, and career outcomes success, the school asks for support to achieve its strategic initiatives. Specific giving opportunities exist to enhance the school’s experiential learning programs to continue graduating passionate, trustworthy, inquisitive, and skilled transformational future business leaders.

GOAL TO DATE: $10.2 million
34% TO 2030 GOAL ($30 million)

College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences provides students with an interactive, enriching curriculum that empowers future leaders to become big thinkers, exceptional communicators, and strong collaborators. Our curriculum includes behavioral and applied social sciences, global and cultural studies, science and mathematics, theology, philosophy, and ministry. Your generous gift will help support students, and prepare them for life after graduation.

GOAL TO DATE: $13.5 million
90% TO 2030 GOAL ($15 million)

Health Sciences

The Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine was opened in 2013—only the 2nd medical school in Indiana. In 2023, the school graduated its seventh class of Osteopathic medical doctors (DO) and the 1000th physician! The class of 2023 achieved an incredible 100 percent residency placement rate, with 65 percent going into Primary Care and 45 percent matching into residency programs right here in Indiana, meeting the ever-changing needs of healthcare in Indiana, across the nation, and around the world.
GOAL TO DATE: $51.4 million
34.2% TO 2030 GOAL ($150 million)

Access and Success

Growing endowed scholarships, positions, and programs will ensure that Marian University remains accessible and sustainable well into the future. Your gift will help advance academic excellence through engaged student learning and by integrating curricular and co-curricular learning to realize the Marian University Promise and achieve goals of our supporting the growing need for leaders who are well-educated, experienced, and trustworthy.

GOAL TO DATE: $69.5 million
47.9% TO 2030 GOAL ($145 million)

Other Giving Options

Like you, we share a passion for improving the lives of students. In fact, our Marian Promise is our commitment to every student at Marian University. Their success as leaders is critical to human flourishing, and the common good. We invite you to share this passion by making a financial gift, a multi-year pledge, or a deferred gift by prayerfully reflecting and advancing our efforts to fulfill our commitment to all Marian University graduates.

Progress to our 2030 Goal: $750 Million

E. S. Witchger School of Engineering

Fred S. Klipsch Educators College

Mission & Identity


Byrum School of Business

College of Arts and Sciences

Health Sciences

Access and Success

Making a Difference Beyond the Degree

Our Mission
To be a great Catholic university dedicated to achieving excellence in learning, which is achieved through teaching, research, and scholarly activities in the Franciscan and liberal arts tradition.

Our Vision
To provide an education distinguished in its ability to prepare transformative leaders for service to the world.

Our Values
To reflect prayerfully on the Gospels to determine the ways we can advance the dignity of the individual, peace and justice, reconciliation, and responsible stewardship.

Our Promise
Marian University students will be exceptionally well prepared for a good life and professional pursuits through:

  • An education illumined by the light of faith and grounded in values and ethics;
  • Challenging academic programs supported by a vibrant and caring community that guides students in achieving excellence;
  • Innovative, active, and engaged approach to learning on campus and beyond; and,
  • Leadership education that prepares a Trustworthy, Healthy, Inquisitive, and Skilled leader.

How can you help?

Marian University’s Journey 2030 will be driven by innovation, quality, and swift acts of courage to forge an even bolder future. As a Catholic university in a great American city, Marian University seeks investors who share a passion for improving the lives of our students, critical to human flourishing, and the common good. We are inviting other leaders to prayerfully reflect on how they will engage in the Journey to 2030.

Leading the Way

Over the last two decades, under the leadership of President Daniel J. Elsener, Marian University grew from a financially distressed college with 1,000 students to a thriving university serving of more than 4,000 total students across two campuses and online. Our commitment to innovation and transformational leadership has caught the attention of investors for years, and the Journey to 2030 campaign is one of the ways we are actively responding to the call for our university to expand our impact and reach.

dan elsener help us grow

Our Strategic Pillars

student access and success icon

Student Access & Success

Attract, retain, graduate, and professionally place diverse students, including under-served students, economically challenged students, non-traditional urban and rural students, and adults 

faith in action icon

Faith in Action

Be a national leader in recruiting, educating, and forming ethical leaders who integrate faith in lifelong service to their religious, professional, and civic communities

excellence in stehm icon

Excellence in STEHM Education Illuminated by Liberal Arts

Through a creative integration of the liberal arts curriculum with science, technology, engineering, health professions, and mathematics (STEHM), Marian graduates will achieve distinction in STEHM disciplines and all graduates will be scientifically and technically competent

Our Newest Initiative

St.Vincent FieldAccess and Success is a priority for our Journey to 2030 effort, and the expansion of Marian's athletic facilities and programs play an essential part. We know that athletics plays a key role in the development of the "whole person" — mind, body, and spirit. As such, Marian University will begin a three phase approach and has received a generous lead gift to get us started toward a $50M Athletics Strategic Plan to grow or invest in: Scholarships; Facilities; Programs; Donor experience and events.

To learn more about this expansion and the Marian Athletics $1M Match Initiative, download our informational brochure.

Journey to 2030 Leadership Team


  • Phil ’81 and Teri ’80 Carson
  • Mike and Bea Becher

Committee Members

  • Dan and Erin Baker
  • Clark and Sally Bindley Millman
  • Scott ’96 and Carrie Bruns
  • Adam ’08 and Julia Ehret
  • Daniel and Beth Elsener
  • Denise Feser ’77
  • David B. Haire ’71
  • Sarah and Greg Hempstead
  • Jerry and Peggy Jones
  • Chris and Julie LaMothe
  • Toby and Carolyn McClamroch
  • Mike Rechin
  • John and Jane Smith
  • Brian and Tara Witchger
  • Jean Wojtowicz


Always Forward

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Notice of Nondiscrimination
Marian University does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, creed, national origin, age or disabilities in the selection of administrative personnel, faculty and staff, and students.
*Placement rates are gathered from data collected from graduates within six months of graduation.

Students may make a complaint to the Indiana Commission of Higher Education.

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