Graphic design portfolio

  • Maya Quandt Doll Poster
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady The Inside Comes Out 2
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady Ex Libris
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady: Twilight of Oldenburg
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady: The Clown
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady: Self Portrait
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady: Of Course I Struggle
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady: Promotional Package
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady: Mt. Univers
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady: Math vs. Zombies
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady: I Just Don't Quit
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady: Evolution of Headwear
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady: Ethos
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady: Cover Band
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady: Bite App
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady: Art is Sports
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady: Art Exhibition
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady Middle Finger
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady Unbreakable
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady Glazy Babes
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady Sowing Seeds
  • Kaitlyn O'Grady Argonautika
  •  Kaitlyn O'Grady Let's Talk
  • Patrick Gordon Trek Domain
  • Patrick Gordon Creative
  • Maya Quandt Self-Promotional Card
  • Maya Quandt Rou
  • Maya Quandt one-color
  • Maya Quandt Monotype
  • Maya Quandt Mondson Poster
  • Maya Quandt Memory Master Game
  • Maya Quandt Flume Music System
  • Maya Quandt Fair Trade Coffee
  • Maya Quandt Animal Powered Plant
  • Maya Quandt Argonautika
  •  Maya Quandt Gotham
  • Maya Quandt Created to Create
  • Maya Quandt Below the Surface
  • Curtis Cronin: Type history poster
  • Emma Cassani: Forms music
  • Emma Cassani: Type poster
  • Emma Cassani: Forms progressing
  • Thomas Dhane: Music t-shirt
  • Angela Leap: Type history poster
  • Thomas Dhane: Music poster
  • Patrick Gordon: Dragon packaging
  • Thomas Dhane: Icon poster
  • Thomas Dhane: Visual identity
  • Morales Darlen: Book cover
  • Thomas Dhane: Book cover
  • Thomas Dhane: Music CD
  • Jimmie Walker: SLI visual identity

Studio art portfolio

  • Claire Thompson St. Francis de Sales
  • Claire Thompson The Rhythm of the Clothesline
  • Claire Thompson Shield of Life
  • Claire Thompson Prayer Space
  • Claire Thompson Self Portrait
  • Claire Thompson Bark Relief
  • Allegra Colgrove, Jellyfish
  • Allegra Colgrove, Bee Kisses
  • Allegra Colgrove Serpents
  • becca hoff and allison willets, advanced painting, view through the window, encaustic on canvas
  • allison willets, narrative painting, acrylic on canvas, advanced painting
  • becca hoff, basic drawing, psychological space, charcoal on paper
  • claire crane,beginning painting, faceless self portrait, acrylic on canvas
  • lea noe,beginning painting, limited palette, acrylic on canvas
  • body painting2_beginning painting
  • Patrick Svoboda, basic drawing, alter ego self portrait, charcoal on paper
  • Body painting
  • kacie southerland, sculpture, magazine pages
  • grace sexton, who am i, advanced painting, oil on canvas
  • grace sexton, principles of design, junk mail, collage
  • sydney shewmaker, senior show installation detail

Photography portfolio

  • Patrick Gordon Creative 9
  • Patrick Gordon Creative 8
  • Patrick Gordon Creative 5
  • Patrick Gordon Creative 6
  • Patrick Gordon Creative 4
  • Patrick Gordon Creative 7
  • Patrick Gordon Creative 3
  • Patrick Gordon Creative 2
  • Patrick Gordon Risky
  • Mary Grace Feeney: Big Ben
  • Katie Malander: God blessed us
  • Mary Grace Feeney: Portrait
  • Katie Malander: Barbie
  • Rose Wall: Lighthouse
  • Emily Meyer: Easter
  • Patrick Gordon: Pogue's Run
  • patrick_gordon barn and moving clouds5
  • Emily Meyer: Dancer
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