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Encounter the National Eucharistic Congress with Marian University

JULY 17–21, 2024

Marian University, a great Catholic university, wants to journey with you and guide you through the experience.

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Marian University Pilgrim's Guide

The National Eucharistic Congress is happening in Indianapolis, Marian University seeks to journey with you during this monumental event. The last eucharistic congress was over 40 years ago and saint’s Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul 2nd were present! Next year we will have great speakers such as Fr. Mike Schmitz, Bishop Robert Barron, Sr. Miriam, Edward Sri, etc. By journeying with us, you will experience everything that the NEC has to offer all while getting to know other catholic high schoolers from all over the country and college students passionately living out the Gospel call in their own lives. Our hope for you is to have a profound encounter with Christ and His Church and discover your own eucharistic mission in the world. Below you can find all the details forhow you can participate in this opportunity.

Marian University will serve as your pilgrim guide for the NEC experience.

Here are the key items we intend to provide you and your group:

Step 1
Marian University will buy bulk order of NEC.

Step 2
High Schoolers will register through Marian University CampMinder

Step 3
Marian University will provide the group code for everyone to register for the NEC.

Youth can attend this experience without any parish staff. Each youth will be placed in a small group with other high school youth, a couple college-aged students, and an adult chaperone. Marian University will hire and train a staff of chaperones with a ratio of 1:4 chaperone to youth.

Additionally, we will offer any adult who is a youth minister for the parish/diocese an opportunity to serve as a chaperone for this experience. In doing so, we will provide Safe Parish and small group training, and a stipend covering the costs of registration. Each chaperone will be required to pay the 600 upfront but receive the stipend after the NEC is complete. Due to capacity and rooms, we are requiring no more than 2 ministers for every 10-youth coming to the NEC.

Each high school participant will be placed in a small group with roughly 9 other youth led by a couple college-aged students and an adult chaperone. The small group will journey through the entirety of the congress together.

Marian University will provide buses to shuttle everyone to and from the NEC.

All meals will be provided by Marian University.

Everyone, chaperones and youth, will attend the “Empower”, impact sessions in the morning of the NEC. “Empower”, is designed for small group formation and will equip them with practical tools to become a “Eucharistic Missionary,” evangelizing their community and taking on a role in spreading the Gospel to those around them. This session is for those who want to dive deeper into their encounter with the Lord and find their own eucharistic mission in the world. For the afternoon breakouts your small group can decide what breakouts you wish to be a part of!

Overnight accommodations will be available in one of our three newest residence halls. Adult chaperones will be housed in separate, locked wings from the youth. College-aged students will serve as chaperones on the wings with high school youth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ticket to the National Eucharistic Congress (Eucharistic Missionary Track), transportation to and from downtown during your stay, housing, and all meals during your stay.

A chaperone is any of our faculty/staff at Marian University or minister that works for the diocese or the church your group is coming from. 

Space and rooms are limited at Marian University, we ask that for every 10-youth attending the Congress, they are accompanied by no more than 2 adult chaperones. If you have further questions regarding chaperones, please contact Billy Cross at wcross@marian.edu.

Agreeing to act as a chaperone for the Eucharistic Congress means you will shepard a group of about 10 youth throughout the entirety of the congress. Leading up to the experience you will participate in training/formation sessions that will prepare you for the experience and inform you of Marian University policy and procedure. You will also facilitate small group reflection and discussion upon the conclusion of each day. It is required of every necessary for each chaperone to complete the required paperwork and forms at Marian University as well as verify that you are “Safe Environment” trained. Lastly, you will have 2 college students assist you in accompanying students as a chaperone.

We are offering all ministers who are willing to serve as chaperones during the Congress, a stipend covering the cost of registration. Following with the minister limit of 2 ministers/10 youth, we will stipend up to 2 ministers/group.

No, all adults on campus during the NEC are acting chaperones.

Not only will the NEC provide a profound encounter of Jesus Christ and His Church, but also a great opportunity for youth to get to know more catholic youth from around the country. We plan to break up youth into different small groups in order for them to encounter people from different places and walks of life while also having the ability to hear and experience the NEC with a broader community of people. If you still desire to keep your youth together, please reach out to Billy Cross to discuss how we can best accommodate your group. 

Marian university will have busses for everyone attending. Parking for your busses/vans/cars will be available on campus.

No, all youth staying on Marian’s campus will be participating in the Eucharistic Missionary Track. 

January 1st, 2024

March 1st, 2024

At the “Register Here” tab above.

At the “Reserve Here” tab above.

In nominating a student, you are recommending to our team here at Marian that the particular student(s) would be a great for this experience. We would assist in your outreach of these youth to encourage them to register for this experience.

You can nominate them for this experience and our team at Marian would reach out and provide all the necessary information about the Congress.

No, we will not be hosting MDI in the summer of 2024 due to our efforts in elevating the experience of the National Eucharistic Congress. If you are familiar with our Institute, the Eucharistic Missionary Track we will be a part in, will have similar elements and mission as MDI.

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