Submit Your Student ID Photo

To receive your student ID at New Student Orientation, you must submit a photo using the link below by the Tuesday prior to your orientation. Should a photo submission not meet all criteria below, you will be contacted and asked to resubmit. If a photo is not submitted prior to orientation, you will be able to take an ID photo in-person when you arrive on campus.

ID Photo Requirements

  1. Photo should be cropped from just above the top of your head to your collarbone.
  2. No hats, headbands, bandanas, sunglasses, or masks should be worn. If you wear prescription glasses, you are allowed to wear them in your photo.
  3. The background of your photo should be a solid white or grey wall, with no logos, designs, text, or items in view.
  4. No inappropriate expressions or funny faces. Please either smile or keep a neutral facial expression.
  5. Color photos only without any type of color alteration, editing, or filters.
  6. Photos should be either a JPEG or PNG file.

Important Reminders

  1. The form will also ask you to submit a valid photo ID (driver’s license, high school ID, etc.) to verify your identity and well as your student ID number, which can be found by logging in at
  2. This system will only be used for your first Marian ID. If you need a replacement, please visit MUPD in the Norman Center.
  3. Marian staff reserve the right to deny any submissions should they not meet the listed requirements or if the person cannot clearly be identified.

Click here to submit your student ID photo

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