Student Research Opportunities

Being located in what the Wall Street Journal lists as the nation’s life sciences hub, you will have a wide range of opportunities in both clinical and translational facilities at organizations known throughout the world.

You're able to partner with faculty to complete research, continue your research from other universities, and work with multiple clinical and research lab partnerships established in the area.

These opportunities have a direct impact on your medical education, by providing depth and breadth to the classroom and clinical experiences. You will also gain a better understand of how research plays a role in the health care community.

Summer Research in Biomedical Sciences

This program is available to both undergraduate and osteopathic medical students who are interested in devoting their time during June and July to a hands on research experience in the biomedical research laboratories. Interested students should contact any of the MU-COM investigators to obtain a research mentor.

Research in the Biomedical Sciences

Mentored laboratory research experiences adds depth and breadth to the classroom and clinical experiences, potentially resulting in improved patient care.

Students play a vital role in helping move campus research forward. Research conducted in our research labs, or at one of our clinical partners, provide our students with exciting opportunities to publish articles in peer-reviewed journals, as well as attend and present at scientific meetings across the country.

Clinical and Translational Research

Various faculty at MU-COM and interested clinicians at partnering hospitals provide opportunities for medical student participation in clinical and translational research fields. Students interested in these programs should contact the associate dean for biomedical sciences, Jonathan Lowery, Ph.D. or the appropriate faculty member.

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