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Whether your curiosity lies in head injuries or musculoskeletal studies, our labs provide niche opportunities that align with your interests. The faculty is here to help you determine your goals and find research opportunities that resonate with your aspirations. We don’t do research just for the sake of it. We offer short-term, high-impact, flexible, and highly productive opportunities that will allow you to experience quality mentorship while enhancing your residency prospects.

Research is an integral component of our curricular environment, and we use it as a teaching tool to deepen understanding, improve personal identity formation, and as a stepping stone for where you want to go next. And our many research niches help develop distinguished residency applications, even in hyper-competitive fields. 

Labs and Research Groups:

Marian University is home to a series of cutting-edge laboratories, each named after their principal investigator, dedicated to tackling some of the most pressing medical challenges of our time. The Biochemistry Lab delves into the unknowns of cancer, the Neuro Immunology Lab is devoted to a focused study on healing traumatic brain injuries, and the Musculoskeletal Lab explores the intricacies of the musculoskeletal system.

MU-COM Labs:

  • Akbar Lab
  • Balle Lab
  • Bhetwal Lab
  • Cumbay Lab
  • Delery Lab
  • Derbigny Lab
  • Fuchs Lab
  • Hum Lab
  • Lowery Lab
  • McClelland Lab
  • Steding Lab
  • Strom Lab
  • Xu Lab

How to Get Involved:

  • Meet with Faculty: Personalized guidance to align your interests with your long-term career goals.
  • Collaborative Models: Join our highly collaborative learning communities across the campus where you can be exposed to a dozen research teams at once.
  • Contact the Director: Get connected to labs and opportunities

Personalized Mentorship: Experience the ethos of what was once Marian College, "the college that mentors," and is now Marian University, and engage in hands-on experiences with the principal investigators of the projects.

Join Our Collaborative Research Environment

Facilities and Equipment:

  • Open Concept Labs: Encourages collaboration, and saves costs by sharing resources.
  • Specialized Labs

Funding and Collaboration Opportunities:

  • Substantial Sponsored Research Activity: Funding details are available upon request.
  • MU-COM is a National Doctoral Institution: We work with a student-driven, faculty-led model; working side by side with students, and engaging in student-driven research.

Potential for Collaboration:

Connect with us for a comprehensive document on our open-concept labs and other specifics.


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