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Support from Start to Finish

Services: Academic Support | Health and Wellness | Leadership Programs | Personalized Learning Center | Career Exploration and Residency Advising

Academic Support

  • Graduate Learning Specialists: Focus on the first two academic years, assisting with learning strategies, organization of content, test-taking skills, time management, and more.
  • One-on-One Appointments: We provide personalized sessions, recognizing that each student's learning style is unique and ever-evolving.
  • Tutoring: Both individual and group sessions are available.
  • Mentoring Program: Experienced second and third-year students mentor incoming first-year students.
  • Board Preparation: Support is provided for COMLEX exams during the second and third years.
  • Robust Research Opportunities: Bolster academic advancements through research.
  • For support with coursework or COMLEX prep, please contact:

Health and Wellness

Using an integrated approach grounded in inclusiveness and equity and building on the psychological need for competence, autonomy, and relatedness, the following principles will inform the framework.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

To provide a healthy, supportive, safe, and inclusive campus environment, we first have to understand the unique needs of our students. This will allow for opportunities to investigate, encourage, and support wellness that is respectful of culture and identities and is inclusive of those from communities that have been marginalized.

Supportive Environment

Offer support and opportunities to empower students to build capacity and create an environment that fosters the development of a sense of belonging.


KnightWell is a collaborative effort that is student-centered to support and encourage shared collaboration, partnerships, and capacity and to facilitate and support the sharing of knowledge, experience, and expertise, as well as innovative and effective programs and practice.

Continuous Improvement

We recognize that wellness and wellbeing is a culture that is continually built and assessed and requires continued evaluation of programs, services, and initiative, and for the implementation of best practices as they become available.



KnightWell is powered by student engagement and serves as a guide to effectively and strategically coordinate student programs, services, and initiatives to provide a transformational experience for each student enrolled in a health professions career.

Each dimension equips students to build capacity, foster resilience, and develop their own approach to holistic wellness and well-being.

KnightWell develops trustworthy, healthy, inquisitive, and skilled learners committed to curating a thriving culture of wellness and well-being.

Leadership Programs

  • Student Leadership: Develop leadership skills via student organizations and other roles.
  • Research: Comprehensive research opportunities supporting academic development.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Belonging: An inclusive environment where every student feels represented, valued, and at home. The PIF curriculum, grounded in DEIB principles, initially focuses on foundational subjects like Identity and Positionality, Unconscious Bias, Health Inequities, and Social Determinants of Health in the first two years, followed by a "Special Populations" series.
  • Campus Security: Safety is paramount. We recommend every student download the Campus Shield app. It serves as an immediate link to campus security in emergencies.
  • Stay Connected, No Matter Where: Even during clinical experiences or if you're located off-campus, like in Fort Wayne, rest assured: all academic support services, the Personalized Learning Center, the Counseling Center, and the Health Center are accessible virtually.

Join us at Marian University, where your medical aspirations are nurtured and realized.

Personalized Learning Center

Marian University's Personalized Learning Center (PLC) is dedicated to supporting students with documented disabilities, ensuring equitable access to learning opportunities in line with the Catholic, Franciscan tradition which emphasizes the dignity of every individual.

The PLC works closely with students, particularly with those in health professions programs, to determine suitable accommodations within both academic and clinical settings. While academic environments encompass traditional classrooms and labs, clinical settings, especially during the third and fourth-year rotations, might require liaising with human resources to assess appropriate accommodations.

Governed by the Americans with Disabilities Act, Marian University has a legal obligation to provide reasonable accommodations as determined through the PLC and its interactive process. The PLC supports a variety of disabilities, ranging from ADHD and autism to temporary disabilities. Each year, over 200 students actively participate in the accommodation process, which is easily accessible beginning with an email to the PLC.

Contact us at (317) 955-6540 or at We are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Visit the PLC for more info.

Career Exploration and Residency Advising

At Marian University, we've crafted an educational program specifically tailored to meet your career needs.

First Year

Laying foundation of resources for vocational self-exploration:

  • Introduction to the world of medicine.
  • Tailored workshops and resources to discover your interests, specialty choices, and career paths.
  • Guidance to ensure summer breaks set you up for future success.

Second Year

Cultivating your knowledge of career options:

  • The Academic Success Team will help you through board preparations.
  • In-depth discussion and assistance with specialty choices.
  • Begin to prepare for the ERAS application.
  • Analyze your interests, avenues to residency, and possibility for fellowships.

Third Year

Applying your professional identity in the clinical setting and applications:

  • Being assigned to the GME team of advisors
  • Finalize your specialty(ies) decision.
  • Network with residency programs.
  • Monthly preparation for crucial application processes.
  • Prepare for auditions.
  • Personal statement guidance.
  • In-person and virtual mock interviews.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the match process, resources, and timelines.

Fourth Year

Becoming residency ready to serve as a change agent through Your professional identity:

  • Monthly guidance in executing your match plan.
  • Connections to support services across the campus, like our Academic Commons.

For GME support, please contact:

  • Chris Parr, Director of Graduate Medical Education, Advising, and Applications
  • Elisha Hancock, M.S., Career Advisor and Graduate Medical Education Specialist for Health Professions

Beyond Academics: Personal Growth and Potential

But it's not just about academic guidance. We want you to believe in your potential as much as we do, and to recognize the unique value you bring to the medical community. Have questions about which specialty to select, how to excel in your clinical years, or where to choose your residency? Our doors are always open.

Comprehensive Support and Networking Opportunities

And while we're committed to supporting you in pursuing your dream specialties, we also ensure you're equipped with solid backup plans, all while providing realistic and constructive feedback. This journey is about more than just academics; it's about setting you up for lifelong success. And thanks to our location in Indianapolis, you'll have an abundance of networking opportunities right at your fingertips.

Join Our Community of Excellence

The Marian University team is dedicated to ensuring that each individual student receives the support and guidance they need, and you’ll be quick to realize the value of community instilled among our staff and students. Come join us! We’ll be lucky to have you.

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(317) 955-6400

Health Professions Financial Aid

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