Individuals with Disabilities

Marian University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine (MU-COM) is committed to providing reasonable and appropriate accommodations for otherwise qualified students with disabilities.

Self-Assessment and Meeting Technical Standards

Academic programs that contain specific technical standards require students with a disability to meet all qualifications which are considered essential by the faculty of that program at the same level/expertise as individuals without disabilities.

Each technical standard was derived from standards that osteopathic physicians deem necessary for the safe and effective practice of osteopathic medicine

Accommodations are therefore provided so long as such disabilities, as determined on a case by case basis, do not preclude the student from meeting the qualifications considered essential for successful completion of the educational objectives of the curriculum.

Of greatest import in clinical programs such as MU-COM, is patient safety. Faculty and staff safety is also essential. This stance is in accordance with wording in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The student is therefore required to function with independence with all skills the college holds as mandatory.

Upon application to the MU-COM program, a student with a disability should read the required technical standards in depth. If that student has any question as to his/her ability to meet the minimal technical standards he/she should alert the Office of Enrollment Management that a question exists. The Office of Enrollment Management will then delay further processing of their application until the student meets with the MU-COM Academic Support Specialist to determine if the standards can be met with reasonable and appropriate accommodations. The student and the specialist may need to collaborate with faculty and staff to determine a final decision. Based on the conclusions of those meetings, the student will then notify the Office of Enrollment Management with regard to the further processing of the application.

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