Marian University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Elementary Education

If you want to shape the intellectual growth and minds of school children from kindergarten through grade six, earning a B.A. in elementary education is an excellent career choice.

As an elementary school teacher, you'll have an opportunity to build and develop a lifelong love of learning, reading, writing, math, language, science, art, and other subjects among the students in your classroom. 

Why choose elementary education?

Elementary education is a meaningful, rewarding career path in which you will make a positive impact on the minds and social development of children.

As an elementary teacher, you will influence the intellectual development of children in school and classroom settings. You'll play a memorable role in their young lives by helping them understand and learn about the world around them. You complete coursework on subjects like:

  • Educational theory, research, and psychology.
  • Best practices in instruction, curriculum development, and learning assessment.
  • Legal and ethical issues in teaching.

Methods courses will enable you to practice instructional and assessment strategies. You'll learn about tools and technologies for teaching.

​You'll observe and engage in real school classrooms from your first year on campus, getting a broad range of experience in a variety of school settings. You'll begin to get a feel for what it's like to be a real teacher.

As you complete required courses, you'll reflect on the complex issues related to teaching in today's educational environment and connect what you learn in the classroom with what you experience in the field.

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