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GI Bill®

Information for Veterans

Marian University thanks you for your service to our country!

GI BillĀ® programs that have been approved by the VA for use at Marian University

  • The Post-9/11 GI Bill chapter 33.  See link for more information, eligibility requirements and application. The Post 911 pays UP to $26,381.37 in tuition for the school year, fall 2022 through summer 2023 to those who are 100% eligible for the post 911 chapter 33. Tuition payments made by the VA are sent directly to Marian for eligible students.  
  • The Montgomery GI Bill for active duty and select reserve personnel if eligible (chapter 30 and 1606). A monthly stipend is sent directly from the VA to those students who are eligible.  See link for information and the application for benefits, form 22-1990. 
  • VR&E Veteran Readiness and Employment chapter 31, formerly known as Voc Rehab and Employment.

GI BillĀ® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Are you still unsure if you are eligible for GI Bill benefits or need additional information?

Child or spouse of a veteran GI Bill programs

Possible programs through the GI Bill for which you may qualify and use at Marian:

  1. Educational assistance program for survivors and dependents of military personnel, Chapter 35 benefit for children/spouses of veterans (DEA) and the Fry Scholarship for children and spouses of service members who died in the line of duty after September 10, 2001. Link to the application, form 22-5490, and eligibility requirements at the link above.  Stipend will be sent monthly from the VA directly to eligible students. 
  2. Transfer of Post-9/11 to spouse or children: Information, eligibility requirements for veterans eligible for the post-9/11 GI Bill who want to see if they are eligible to transfer this benefit to their spouse or children through the Department of Defense.  Children and spouses must apply themselves to use the GI Bill 22-1990e after the transfer is approved.  

Note that Marian University is a private, not public, higher education institution. Discounts and state-sponsored programs for children of veterans and Purple Heart recipients do not apply at private institutions such as Marian. The State of Indiana will not pay tuition for programs at private institutions.

How to receive GI Bill benefits at Marian University

  • Apply for admission to Marian University as a degree-seeking student.  NON-DEGREE students are NOT eligible to receive GI Bill benefits, per the VA policies without a guest letter from the school where they are degree seeking.  

Provide the following via email to

  1. Your certificate of eligibility (COE) from the VA once you receive this in response to your application for GI Bill benefits submitted to the VA. 
  2. Complete the Marian application to use VA Education benefits. Please fill out completely and sign.  Please go to the gray paperclip icon at the bottom of the form. Attach your certificate of eligibility from the VA as a PDF to the form.  Then submit. 
  3. The guest letter from the school where you are degree seeking if you are non-degree at Marian. This should also be attached as a PDF to your Marian application for benefits. 

    • NON-DEGREE students are NOT eligible to receive GI Bill benefits, per the VA policies, without a guest letter. 
    • NON-DEGREE students at Marian can ONLY receive payment for their non-degree classes if they submit a guest letter from the school where they are degree seeking stating that our classes will transfer back to their school toward the degree you are seeking at their institution.
    • The letter must contain the classes you will take at Marian, including the course number and the semester you will take them and the letter MUST STATE YOU HAVE APPLIED AND BEEN ADMITTED AS DEGREE SEEKING at their institution or admitted pending completion of our classes.  The VA  has confirmed that you MUST be degree seeking at our school or admitted and degree seeking at your home school to receive GI Bill benefits. 

Information for Second Degree nursing students (ABSN)

  • Second degree students are not eligible for the yellow ribbon program. Tuition costs will exceed the VA maximum yearly amount. Even students eligible at the 100% will NOT have the entire program covered by the GI Bill.
  • Nashville and Oklahoma site students if eligible for the housing allowance, will earn the BAH for Marian's main campus, Indianapolis, 46222.

Continuing your Benefits

Please be aware:

  • The VA will only pay for classes required for your degree(s), including general education, major, minor, and required elective courses.
  • The VA pays for attendance. If you fail a class because you stop attending or drop classes, the VA may ask for a refund of tuition funds paid as of the last date of attendance.
  • You must email,  if your credit hours change or you add or drop classes in any term or semester.
  • Once benefits begin, you will be automatically be submitted for subsequent classes unless you send a notice to NOT to submit certain classes or terms.
  • The VA requires that all post 911 chapter 33 students receiving a housing allowance MUST verify their enrollment monthly with the VA.  You should receive texts and emails to confirm your attendance each month. 
  • The VA will pay a maximum for those 100% eligible for the post 911 chapter 33 of no more than $26,381.37 (fall 2022 through summer 2023*).

*This amount renews and increases slightly each school year (fall) as long as you still have months of eligibility. Please note that you are responsible for tuition amounts that exceed this, unless you are eligible for the yellow ribbon program. Students who are eligible at less than 100% are always responsible for a portion of each class themselves and should contact our financial aid office and business office regarding loans, aid and payments. 

Yellow Ribbon Program

Will pay up to an additional $16,000 ($8,000 each maximum from the VA and Marian University) beyond the $26,381.37 to students who exceed the yearly maximum the VA will pay AND and are eligible for Yellow Ribbon.

To receive benefits under the Yellow Ribbon Program, you must:

  • Be 100% eligible for the maximum benefit rate under the Post-9/11 GI Bill.
  • Be a traditional undergraduate student seeking an associate or first bachelor degree at Marian. (Second bachelor degree, graduates students, non-degree and MAP online students are not eligible for yellow ribbon). 

If you need assistance after reviewing this information and the information found at, please email 


For More Information

Paper work can be scanned and emailed to

(Please include in your email, either the Marian GI Bill benefits form or your full name, admission status at Marian, type of GI Bill program you are using, if you are the veteran or dependent, months and percentage of eligibility if known, your major at Marian, start date at Marian to use benefits).

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