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Faculty and Staff


  • David Rusbasan
    David Rusbasan, Ph.D.
    Interim Dean; Professor of Psychology
    (317) 955-6067
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 234
  • Christopher Nicholson
    Christopher Nicholson, Ph.D.
    Assistant Dean; Interim Chair of Biology; Associate Professor of Chemistry
    (317) 955-6483
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 235

Admin Assistants

  • Vickie Carson
    Vickie Carson
    Administrative Assistant
    (317) 955-6132
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 236
  • Beverly-Day
    Beverly Day, B.B.A.
    Administrative Assistant
    (317) 955-6176
    Marian Hall, Room 308
  • donna rund headshot
    Donna Rund, M.S.Ed.
    Office Manager
    (317) 955-6036
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 218

Department of Applied Social Sciences

  • Laura Gano
    Laura Gano, Ph.D., MPH
    Director of Public Health; Assistant Professor of Public Health
    (317) 955-6142
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 214
  • Deeb Kitchen
    Deeb Kitchen, Ph.D.
    Director Peace and Justice Studies Program; Curriculum Director of Sociology; Associate Professor of Sociology
    (317) 955-6027
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 202
  • Sarah Koch
    Program Evaluator/Research Assistant
    (317) 955-3602
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 216
  • William Mirola
    William Mirola, Ph.D.
    Professor of Sociology
    (317) 955-6033
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 209
  • Sabrina Straub
    Sabrina Straub, MSW, LCSW
    Director of BSW Field Education; Assistant Professor of Social Work
    (317) 955-6694
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 021
  • matt walsh
    Matthew Walsh, Ph.D.
    Director of BSW Program; Health & Well-Being Seminar Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Social Work
    (317) 955-6620
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 020

Department of Psychological Science and Counseling

  • Laurel Camp
    Laurel Camp, Ph.D.
    Professor of Psychology
    (317) 955-6075
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 009
  • Francis M. Carr, M.S.
    Frank Carr, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Counseling
    (317) 955-6506
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 007
  • AmandaEgan_Cropped
    Amanda Egan, Ph.D.
    Chair, Psychological Science and Counseling; Assistant Professor of Psychology
    (317) 955-6074
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 014
  • jeffry-kellogg
    Jeff Kellogg, Ph.D.
    Professor of Psychology
    (317) 955-6076
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 012
  • Noelany Pelc, Ph.D., L.P.
    Assistant Professor of Psychology
    (317) 955-6333
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 016
  • David Rusbasan
    David Rusbasan, Ph.D.
    Interim Dean; Professor of Psychology
    (317) 955-6067
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 234
  • Holly Skillman-Dougherty, Ph.D.
    Holly Skillman, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Psychology
    (317) 955-6488
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 017
  • Michael Slavkin, Ph.D., AMHC, NCC, Ph.D. AMHC, NCC
    Director of Counseling; Assistant Professor of Counseling
    (317) 955-6395
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 010
  • Kathryn Steinberg
    Kathryn Steinberg, Ph.D.
    Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology
    (317) 955-6639
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 019

Department of English

  • Rachel Cochran - Marian Headshot
    Rachel Cochran, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of English
    (317) 955-6458
    Marian Hall, Room 307C
  • scott guild
    Scott Guild, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of English
    (317) 955-6492
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 213
  • james norton
    James Norton, Ph.D.
    Professor of English
    (317) 955-6396
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 210

Department of History and Global Studies

  • Melissa Buehler
    Melissa Buehler, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Global Studies
    (317) 955-307B
    Marian Hall, Room 307B
  • Evan casey
    Evan Casey, M.S.
    Assistant Professor of History
    (317) 955-6834
    Marian Hall, Room 306C
  • Adrianna Ernstberger, Ph.D.
    Chair, History and Global Studies; Assistant Professor of History
    (317) 955-6522
    Marian Hall, Room 307A
  • zane elward
    Zane Elward, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of History
    (317) 955-6703
    Marian Hall, Room 307D
  • Holly Gastineau-Grimes
    Holly Gastineau-Grimes, Ph.D.
    Director of First Year Experience; Assistant Professor of Global and Cultural Studies
    (317) 955-6576
    Marian Hall, Room 306A

Department of Languages and Cultures

  • Julia Baumgardt
    Julia Baumgardt, Ph.D.
    Chair, Languages & Cultures; Assistant Professor of Spanish
    (317) 955-6644
    Marian Hall, Room 306B
  • CCastano Prof Pic
    Carla Castaño, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Spanish
    (317) 955-6226
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 274
  • rishani de costa
    Rishani De Costa, M.S.
    Director of Placement Testing; Assistant Professor of French
    (317) 955-6377
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 207
  • Yuriko Ikeda, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Spanish
    (317) 955-6642
    , Room
  • wendy westphal
    Wendy Westphal, Ph.D.
    Director of Global Prestige Awards; Associate Professor of German
    (317) 955-6026
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 211

Department of Media, Design, and Communication

  • Amanda Duba
    Visiting Assistant Professor of Media & Design
    Evans Center, Room 215
  • Dr. Jamie Higgs
    Jamie Higgs, Ph.D.
    Curriculum Director, Art and Design; Associate Professor of Art History
    (317) 955-6432
    Caretaker's Cottage, Room 2nd Floor
  • Pan Jackie Liu
    Pan "Jackie" Liu, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Communication
    (317) 955-6775
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 208
  • marilda oviedo headshot
    Marilda Oviedo, Ph.D.
    Director of Student Media; Curriculum Director, Communication; Assistant Professor of Communication
    (317) 955-6423
    Clare Hall, Room 020A
  • Drew Stewart
    Drew Stewart, M.A.
    Director, Speech and Debate; Assistant Professor of Communication
    (317) 955-6057
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 203
  • Crystal Vicars-Pugh
    Crystal Vicars, M.F.A.
    Director, Marian University Art Galleries; Assistant Professor of Fine Arts
    (317) 955-6665
    Caretaker's Cottage, Room 1st Floor

Department of Music and Theatre

  • Paulo Castro headshot
    Paulo Castro, M.M.
    Instructor of Music; Accompanist
    (317) 955-6174
    Steffen Music Center, Room 7
  • Phil-Kern
    Philip Kern, M.F.A.
    Associate Professor of Music
    (317) 955-6108
    Steffen Music Center, Room 8
  • Joy C. Mills
    Joy C. Mills
    Theatre Venue Manager and Technical Coordinator
    (317) 955-6682
    Marian Hall, Room Theatre
  • shawn royer
    Shawn Royer, Ph.D.
    Chair, Music and Theatre; Assistant Professor of Music
    (317) 955-6649
    Steffen Music Center, Room 9
  • Kristopher Steege
    Kristopher Steege, M.F.A.
    Director of the Theatre Department
    Assistant Professor of Theatre
    (317) 955-6389
    Marian Hall, Room Theatre

Department of Biology

  • david benson
    David Benson, Ph.D.
    Director, Nina Mason Pulliam EcoLab; Associate Professor of Biology
    (317) 955-6028
    Marian Hall, Room 257B
  • RobDenton_headshot
    Rob Denton, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Biology
    (317) 955-6198
    Marian Hall, Room 063
  • Sarah Downing
    Sarah Downing,
    Restoration Ecologist
    (317) 955-6505
    Marian Hall, Room 257
  • Joyce Horton
    Joyce Horton, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Biology and Chemistry
    (317) 955-6012
    Marian Hall, Room 201B
  • Scott Houser MU Headshot
    Scott Houser, M.Ed.
    Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology
    (317) 955-6412
    Marian Hall, Room 056A
  • Sarah Justice Headshot
    Sarah Justice, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Biology
    (317) 955-6274
    Marian Hall, Room 062
  • Karla Kincaid
    Karla Kinkade, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Biology and Public Health
    (317) 955-6678
    Marian Hall, Room 350
  • Rachel Kreher Headshot
    Rachel Kreher, M.S.
    Assistant Professor of Biology
    Marian Hall, Room 150
  • Cameron Morgan
    UG Lab Operations Manager
    (317) 955-6129
    Marian Hall, Room 258B
  • Trisha Staab
    Trisha Staab, Ph.D.
    Director of Pre-Medicine and Pre-Health Professions; Assistant Professor of Biology
    (317) 955-6544
    Marian Hall, Room 258A
  • Zachary Sylvain
    Zachary Sylvain, Ph.D.
    EcoLab Science Director; Assistant Professor of Biology
    (317) 955-6403
    Marian Hall, Room 250

Department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences

  • Kamila Deavers
    Kamila Deavers, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Chemistry
    (317) 955-6461
    Marian Hall, Room 056B
  • Carl Lecher
    Carl Lecher, Ph.D.
    Anthony J Kriech Endowed Professor of Chemistry
    (317) 955-6005
    Marian Hall, Room 202
  • rod macrae
    Rod Macrae, Ph.D.
    Lechleiter Endowed Professor of Chemistry
    (317) 955-6064
    Marian Hall, Room 201A
  • patrick mcvey
    Patrick McVey, Ph.D.
    Chair, Chemistry and Physical Science; Assistant Professor of Chemistry
    (317) 955-6481
    Marian Hall, Room 210
  • Christopher Nicholson
    Christopher Nicholson, Ph.D.
    Assistant Dean; Interim Chair of Biology; Associate Professor of Chemistry
    (317) 955-6483
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 235
  • Allison Ossip-Drahos
    Alison Ossip-Drahos, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
    (317) 955-6646
    Marian Hall, Room 056C
  • Alex Tamerius headshot
    Alexandra Tamerius, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Chemistry
    (317) 955-
    Marian Hall, Room 015G

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Matthew-DeLong
    Matthew DeLong, Ph.D.
    Chair, Mathematics and Computer Science; Professor of Mathematics
    (317) 955-6477
    Marian Hall, Room 315
  • Headshort placeholder
    Zachary Gates, Ph.D.
    Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics
    (317) 955-6501
    Marian Hall, Room 204A
  • James Highbaugh
    James Highbaugh, M.A.T.
    Assistant Professor of Mathematics
    (317) 955-6578
    Marian Hall, Room 203B
  • Sarah-Klanderman-headshot
    Sarah Klanderman, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Mathematics
    (317) 955-6335
    Marian Hall, Room 204A
  • Naama Lewis, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Statistics
    (317) 955-6581
    Marian Hall
  • Bradley Shutters, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Computer Science
    (317) 955-
    Witchger Bldg., Room 301A

Department of Philosophy

  • neal-baird-compressor
    Neal Baird
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy
    (317) 955-6370
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 107
  • david-denz-compressor
    David Denz, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Philosophy
    (317) 955-6111
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 106
  • Joseph Gamache, Ph.D.
    Chair, Philosophy; Assistant Professor of Philosophy
    (317) 955-6387
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 104
  • Graham Renz
    Graham Renz, Ph.D.
    Visiting Professor of Philosophy
    (317) 955-6641
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 105

Department of Theology

  • arthur canales
    Art Canales
    Professor of Theology
    (317) 955-6785
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 122
  • Kirsten Guidero, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Theology
    (317) 955-6592
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 112
  • andy-hohman-compressor
    Andrew Hohman
    Assistant Professor of Theology and Philosophy
    (317) 955-6113
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 120
  • John noble headshot
    John T. Noble, Ph.D.
    Chair, Theology; Associate Professor of Theology
    (317) 955-6573
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 116
  • mark-reasoner-compressor
    Mark Reasoner
    Professor of Biblical Theology
    (317) 955-6175
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 109

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