Earn a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Education at Marian University

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Religious Education

It’s not enough to have a good heart and a love of God to be an effective teacher.

Marian University’s bachelor's degree in religious education program will provide you with the hands-on skills, broad knowledge about classroom management and best teaching practices, and prepare you for success as a K-12 classroom teacher in religious schools.

Why choose religious education at Marian?

Get the career preparation and skills you need to become a great teacher who makes a positive impact on students, schools, and communities. 

These are just a few of the things that makes Marian's B.A. in religious education unique: 

  • Continuous internships in educational ministry
  • Opportunities to serve in campus ministry
  • Retreats and liturgical celebrations
  • Spiritual direction
  • Sophia Theology and Philosophy Club
  • Evening prayer
  • Community service and social justice volunteer opportunities

What will you study?

Our B.A. in religious education curriculum includes 40 credit hours of theology coursework on topics including:

  • Scripture
  • Morality
  • Catholic social teaching
  • Sacraments and spirituality
  • Church
  • History of christianity
  • Jesus and trinity
  • Asian religions
  • Psychology of religion
  • Theory of religious education

You will complete education courses focusing on subjects like:

  • Human growth and development
  • English learners and diversity in inclusive classrooms
  • Neurodiversity in the classroom
  • Creating positive classroom environments
  • Teaching in the high school
  • Educational practice

You will also complete a seminar project related to religious education well as complete student teaching field experiences in middle or high schools.

Sample four-year plan and checklist 

What are your career paths?

Upon completion of Marian's B.A. in religious education, you be able to pursue state teaching licensure to teach in K-12 classrooms. You can also pursue church ministry and education careers. Typical career paths include:

  • Religious education teacher in middle or high school
  • Parish coordinator of religious education
  • Youth pastor
  • Youth ministry
  • Education minister
  • Campus ministry
  • Pastoral and social ministry
San Damiano Mass

For admission information

Office of Undergraduate Admission
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For program specifics

Arthur Canales
Department Chair
Professor of Theology
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