Services Offered
in the Center for Teaching and Learning

These are some of the services offered by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at Marian University.

To participate in or utilize one of our services, contact us at extension MCTL (6285) or email the CTL staff.

  1. Instructional design partnerships: Work collaboratively with an instructional designer, librarian and technology specialist to design or revise your course to address the desired learning outcomes.
  2. Workshops for one: Tailored, individual instruction where you pick the time, place, and topic on what you need to learn.
  3. Training workshops: Group training on a wide range of topics, including teaching, assessing student learning, curriculum design, pedagogical theory, and effective use of technology.  These can be held at the request of a department or specific group of faculty.
  4. Solution consultations: Consultations to discuss specific teaching, learning, or instructional technology challenges where we work with you to find a resolution. 
  5. Classroom observations: Observation of your teaching by an instructional consultant where feedback and resources are provided on a desired area of instruction.
  6. Small group instructional diagnosis (SGID): Feedback process where a consultant can visit your classroom to ask your students a series of agreed upon questions so you can gather specific information on your course and teaching.
  7. Media development: A variety of options for creating the media needed, including large-scale printing, lecture capture, and graphic development.
  8. Instructional technology resources: A wide array of instructional technology resources and services to enhance your students’ learning experience.
  9. Program curriculum consultations: Assistance with the development or revision of an academic program's curriculum including the alignment of outcomes, assessment strategies, and content delivery.
  10. Work space: Space where you can get away from your desk to concentrate on completing a specific task where assistance is just a few feet away.

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