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Dr. Elizabeth Osika

With over 20 years of experience in higher education, Liz brings a wealth of knowledge in instructional best practices, support and administration of online programs, academic computing, and faculty development. In previous positions of administration and as a tenured professor, she has an understanding of what it takes to be effective in and out of the classroom. Liz’s focus at the CTL will be to provide direction for how we can work together to improve the learning environment for our students whether it be in a classroom on campus or online. Areas of expertise include instructional design, assessment, technology support (including Microsoft Office, Qualtrics, and Canvas), and online program development.

Blake Ide

After getting a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Blake has worked in education for 10 years and decided shortly into his first year that his career path in education would move forward with a focus in instructional technology. He found a calling in not only helping students take a more academic view of technology but also helping teachers and faculty use technology to connect and engage with students who are living and growing in an increasingly technological world. In pursuit of his goal of working with educational technology, he attained a Masters of Education: Curriculum and Instruction: Educational Technology Leadership degree from Concordia University. He has worked with many different types of instructional technology but one of his specialties is Canvas.

Mona Kheiry

A seasoned professional with over sixteen years of experience designing, developing, and teaching courses in higher education, Mona brings her knowledge of effective pedagogy to the CTL. While collaborating with faculty on the effective design and development of instruction will be a primary focus, she will also lead workshops and provide individual consultations on proven instructional theories, methods, technologies, and best practices. Areas of expertise include instructional design, assessment, online course development, student engagement, and content development.

Dr. Tony Ribera

With over 15 years of experience in higher education administration and research, Tony brings a knowledge and passion for curriculum planning and the meaningful campus-wide use of assessment data. Tony previously worked in student affairs, served as a Project Associate for the National Survey of Student Engagement in the Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research, and oversaw program evaluation and institutional assessment at different institutions. Tony’s focus at the CTL is on co-chairing Marian’s Teaching and Learning Committee, developing and overseeing the institutional assessment plan, and supporting both curricular and co-curricular program-level assessment efforts. Areas of expertise include assessment, scholarship of teaching and learning, student engagement, survey research, and technology support (including Qualtrics and Microsoft Power BI).

Michael Lockett

Michael has spent over ten years working with various learning management systems and technologies. During this time, he has taken on different roles working with these systems, including quality assurance coordination and high-level technical support. Michael’s primary focus in the CTL will be to come up with solutions for both gathering and analyzing data within our current learning technologies, as well as to serve as the administrator for both current and newly adopted learning technologies.

Faculty evaluation of the CTL

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