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Unity Center
Clare Hall, Home of Multicultural Affairs

The Unity Center's statement and toolkit

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About us

We welcome all students, faculty, staff, and Marian community members, while specifically supporting and celebrating marginalized communities.

UC2The mission of Marian University’s Unity Center is to affirm the inclusivity of each person of marginalized identities in the Marian community, foster personal discovery and growth, promote scholarship and creativity across a diverse range of identities and provide inclusive space for Marian commuter students. The Unity Center enables each member of Marian’s community to take part in honoring the Franciscan values and supporting a more diverse and inclusive campus in which to study, work, teach, research, and serve.

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The Unity Center empowers the Marian community to engage in diversity and multicultural experiences, which requires a respectful, inclusive environment grounded in critical thinking that promotes interaction, communication, collaboration, and bravery. The Unity Center welcomes and respects the dignity of all individuals, including those from identities that have been historically marginalized and previously excluded from equal access opportunity based on: race, gender, age, education experience, cultural heritage, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs, physical/mental ability, national origin, which makes people uniquely who they are.UnityCenter3

At Marian University, inclusion means creating a campus environment where each person has the opportunity to participate, build skills to become a transformative leader and be valued for their distinctive characteristics, skills, and capabilities. In turn, this produces an environment that promotes social justice and strengthens the student’s education and work experiences by exposing and challenging them to consider the experiences and perspectives of others.

By promoting and acknowledging the differences among individuals, the Unity Center encourages the Marian community to become aware that a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment increases productivity, fosters creativity, inspires a higher level of performance, and enhances Marian University’s ability to continue to excel in an increasingly complex, competitive, and diverse world by building transformative leaders.

Who we are

 The Unity Center are supporters of:Marian Alliance

  • Inclusion
  • Cultural competency
  • Academic success
  • University multicultural groups
  • Progressing demographic diversity of the Marian community
  • Leveraging diversity of thought, backgrounds, and identities for innovation

What we do

The Unity Center

  • Fosters an inclusive campus where everyone matters and everyone contributes
  • Advocates, accommodates and supports the needs of the Marian minority student groups
  • Supports programs and activities that promote appreciation and awareness for a truly multicultural and inclusive community
  • Provides cultural competency and social justice trainings with Marian community
  • Provides leadership opportunities and development for students
  • Builds a network of allies that support the Marian experience for Marian minority groups

Multicultural Groups

asian student association
Asian Student Association
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Marian Alliance
seek to understand, support, and celebrate sexual orientation and gender identity
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Student Organization of Latinos
implements academic, cultural, and social programs designed to address Latino needs
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union for black identity
Union for Black Identity
build community, cultivate differing cultures and to create a family dynamic
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