Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I contact the police department?

  • Where is the police department located?

  • Does the police department close?

  • Are the police officers on campus sworn peace officers in the State of Indiana?

  • How do I report a crime or what if I have a question about a crime?

  • What if I lock my keys in my car or need a jump start?

  • What if I want an escort?

  • Is there a lost and found?

  • How do I get a new or replacement student ID?

  • What if I have a visitor on campus?

  • How do I get a parking permit?

  • What if I left my parking permit in my other vehicle?

  • What if I buy a new car or get new license plates and I already have a parking permit?

  • How do I pay for my ticket?

  • Where can I park on campus?

  • Does the campus have a bicycle registration program?

  • Parking reservation procedures for guest lecturers (faculty and staff only)

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