Marian University is committed to the success of Indiana’s 21st Century Scholars to enhance your educational experience through quality co-curricular programs.

Our programming is multifaceted and designed to help you develop as a scholar, to become a valued member of the community, and empower you to discover and attain your personal and educational goals. Our programs reflect and support Marian University's four key Franciscan values, which include: dignity of the individual, peace and justice, reconciliation, and responsible stewardship.

While most programming is initiated and implemented through our Office of 21st Century Scholars, some is offered in collaboration with other departments, including Campus Ministry and Counseling and Consultation Services.

Community Mentoring 

Marian University's Community Mentoring Program connects second-year and third-year scholars with experienced professionals in greater Indianapolis. Offering guidance and support, mentors are paired with scholars based on the scholar's career interests and the mentor's education and professional experience.

The success of the Community Mentor Program relies on the dedication, motivation, and ability of those professionals who volunteer their time to mentor scholars as well as the scholar’s commitment and availability. Mentors and scholars are required to communicate at least once per month throughout the  academic year. In addition to monthly meetings, mentors are encouraged to expose the scholars to a variety of opportunities that offer general guidance towards the scholar’s career aspirations, such as job shadowing and networking opportunities.

Mentors are recruited by the director of the 21st Century Scholar program through networking and with assistance from the Board of Visitors and the Office of Alumni Relations. Working with the Office of Human Resources at Marian University, all mentors must complete a background check before volunteering to work with students. If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor, please contact the 21st Century Scholars office at Marian University at

Mentor to Success

Designed to engage and empower first-year scholars as they begin their college experience at Marian University, the Mentor to Success program connects freshman scholars with experienced, upperclassmen scholars who serve as mentors for the academic year.

The relationship is established during Welcome Week with the goal of fostering an inclusive environment that helps scholars form relationships to other students and Marian University. The relationship is cultivated through the scholars’ first year where both the mentor and mentee share learning experiences through programming, service, and the formation of relationships.

By participating in the Mentor to Success Program, first-year students can expect:

  • Direct access to campus resources and a community of support during the first stages of their academic career.
  • A strong network of support for a scholar’s personal and leadership development by an upperclassman scholar who has a similar background and shared experiences.
  • A greater sense of belonging and community at Marian University.
  • Support as the scholar transitions from high school to the college environment.
  • An increased benefit from the knowledge and experience of an upperclassmen scholar.

Scholars receiving Marian University’s 21st Century Tuition Scholarship are required to participate in the Mentor to Success Program.

Student Success Seminars

Marian University students are encouraged to attend Student Success Seminars, which are presented by the Counseling and Consultation Services. The seminars are an extensive series of workshops and are designed to help students navigate through their academic careers, while offering guidance and recommendations for student success.

  • Informative and interactive, students are encouraged to participate and ask questions during the seminar.
  • The topics for each seminar and semester vary; times and days fluctuate to allow the seminars to fit within a student’s schedule.
  • Each seminar last approximately one hour.
  • Seminars are held throughout the academic year and are free to all Marian University students.

Scholars receiving Marian University’s 21st Century Tuition Scholarship are required to participate in one Student Success Seminar per semester.

Social Events

Office of 21st Century Scholars plans events both on-campus and off-campus to help enrich the scholars college experience. Most importantly, the office offers these events for free of charge or for a reduced cost. Past activities include attending an Indiana Pacers game, a Broadway Musical, movies, ice skating, bowling, and an Indianapolis Indians baseball game.

On campus social support as well as networking opportunities are offered through the Office of 21st Century Scholars.

Students Taking Active Reflective Roles (STARR)

Every Friday afternoon, Marian students gather to serve and reflect upon service to the greater Indianapolis community. From homeless shelters, food pantries, inner city after school programs, community housing construction, to mentally challenged adult programs, over 100 students put in 1,500 hours of service last year at STARR.

The STARR mission has four components:

  • Through person-to-person service opportunities, STARR brings Marian University students to the greater Indianapolis community and the greater Indianapolis community to Marian students.
  • In reflection and learning, students will seek change and cultivate a personal responsibility for one’s neighbor.
  • In becoming aware of social issues and building relationships with those already active in social justice, STARR facilitates an avenue into the heart of the city and people of Indianapolis.
  • The STARR Core Team creates, implements, monitors, and evaluates the STARR program under the supervision and guidance of the Director of Service and Social Justice at Marian University. This team provides student leadership of STARR as well as an avenue for a concentrated group of students to deepen his and her own understanding of Catholic Social Teaching while learning to value a life of service.

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Notice of Nondiscrimination
Marian University does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, creed, national origin, age or disabilities in the selection of administrative personnel, faculty and staff, and students.
*Placement rates are gathered from data collected from graduates within six months of graduation.

Students may make a complaint to the Indiana Commission of Higher Education.

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