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Adrienne Bathory '18

Adrienne Bathory is a double-major in the sciences.

"I'm spending my senior year completing a rigorous program that includes required coursework and a 12-month internship at Franciscan Health. The support I've gotten at Marian has been invaluable for my future career development."

As a double-major in biology and clinical laboratory science (CLS) at Marian University, Adrienne Bathory is immersed in the world of science and healthcare.

“I’ve always had an interest in math, science, and the human body, so I wanted a career that related to all three. I hadn’t originally planned on pursuing a double-major, but the CLS complements the biology major and covers all of my interests,” Adrienne explained.

In order to complete both degrees, Adrienne finished required courses for the B.S. in biology and a minor in German in just three years. She was then accepted for the CLS program, which is delivered in a 3 + 1 format.

Now well into her fourth year, Adrienne is completing the second half of a 12-month internship at Franciscan Health in Indianapolis. The CLS requirements include 32 credits of 400-level courses.

Admission to Marian’s CLS program is competitive. Students considered for the internship are evaluated on their overall academic performance and GPA, letters of recommendation, and interview performance.

“I’m learning about hematology, microbiology, immunology, serology, and other subjects. In each of these areas, we’re exploring the signs and symptoms of disease as they appear in laboratory results. We’re also studying treatment options and other useful subjects,” explains the Marian senior.

Adrienne and her fellow students are rotating through a number of different hospital departments during the internship. Courses, lectures, lab exercises, written exams, practical exams, and evaluations take place throughout the year.

The students interact with a variety of healthcare professionals at the hospital, which completes about 1.7 million laboratory tests each year.

When she graduates this May, Adrienne plans to gain some on-the-job experience by working in a hospital laboratory for a year.  Then she plans to apply for admission to the College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM) at Marian University and the Indiana University Medical School.

“Integrating what I’ve learned in the classroom with patient symptoms and lab results is something that I enjoy. I’m also excited about the idea of interacting with patients and solving puzzles about what is going on with them medically. I haven’t decided on a specific specialty area in medicine, but obstetrics, gastroenterology, cardiology, and emergency medicine all interest me,” Adrienne said.

Participating in a medical mission trip to Guatemala during her sophomore year at Marian was an eye-opening experience, she added, and one that also impacted her desire to become a doctor.

“Access to basic healthcare in the region of Guatemala that we visited was extremely limited. Many illnesses and diseases could have been prevented or greatly diminished with improved access to medical facilities. I met a young woman about my age who had a lump in her breast, but there was no access to mammograms or diagnostic testing in her area. It was a great opportunity to learn about healthcare challenges in other countries,” she noted.

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