Joyce A. Horton, PhD
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biology

(317) 955-6012 office
(317) 430-2873 iPhone
Marian Hall, room #201


Joyce HortonIn her full-time role as Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biology, Dr. Horton teaches General and Biological Chemistry and lab, Physiology and lab, Anatomy and lab, Biochemistry and lab, Vertebrae Biology and lab, Biology Careers, and Pathophysiology.

She also serves Marian University in several ways beyond her teaching responsibilities, including academic advising and retention, participation in Scholarship weekends, participation in SOAR days of advising, active participation in program development, community outreach and recruiting efforts, and mentoring Conformation candidates.

She plays an important role inadvising biology students with course scheduling, internship opportunities, and coordinating shadowing/employment experiences.  Dr. Horton is a co-advisor for the Sigma Zeta National Honor Society, advises five student committees preparing for the National Convention at Marian University and meets with the student board to support activities organized by the group.

In addition, Dr Horton acts as a science fair judge at the Central Indiana Regional Science and Engineering Fair at Marian University and serves as a faculty mentor and tutor for high school science students.

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