Sarah B. Zahl, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Accreditation and Assessment            Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Assistant Professor of Education

(317) 955-6615
Evans Center, room #311A

Sarah B. Zahl, Ph.D.

Highlighted Publications

Nguyen, V., Kaneshiro, K., Nallamala, H., Kirby, C., Cho, T.,…Zahl, S.B.,…Kisby, G. (2020). Assessment of the Research Interests of First-Year Medical Students at Four Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine. Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, 120 (4), 236-244.

Gelfman, D. M., & Zahl, S.B. (2020). A Decision Directed Cardiac Exam in Medical School. Medical Science Educator, 30, 1019-1024.

Zahl, S.B., Jimenez, S., & Huffman, M. (2019). Assessment at the Highest Degree(s): Trends in Graduate and Professional Education In S. Hundley & S. Kahn (Eds.), Assessment Trends. Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing.

Zahl, S.B., & Jimenez, S.(2017). Assessing Graduate and Professional Education: Trends and Strategies. Assessment Update, 29(4), 8-9.

Chatterjee, A.K., & Zahl, S.B. (2017, June). Assessing Histology in an Integrated Medical Curriculum: Digital Slidebox and Bloom's Taxonomy. Poster presentation at the Annual Conference of the International Association of Medical Science Educators, Burlington, VT.

Zahl, S.B. (2015). The Impact of Community for Part-Time Doctoral Students: How Relationships in the Academic Department Affect Student Persistence. International Journal of Doctoral Studies, 10, 301-321.

Zahl, S.B. (2015). Mapping an Integrated Competency Based Curriculum: Linking Competency Domains to Assessment Methods. Medical Education, 49, Supp. 1, 94-95.


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