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Sarah B. Zahl, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Accreditation and Assessment
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Assistant Professor of Education

(317) 955-6615
Evans Center, Room #311A

Sarah B. Zahl, Ph.D.

Highlighted Publications

Zahl, S.B., Altenberger, P., Barbee, J., & Kahn, S. (2023). The Evolving Impact of Authentic Assessment Practices in Graduate and Professional Education. In S.P. Hundley and C. Keith (Eds.), Trends in Assessment: Ideas, Opportunities, and Issues for Higher Education (2nded.). Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing.

Zahl S.B., Mondal, D., Tolentino, D., Fischer, J.A, Jimenez, S. (2023, April). Physician stress in the era of COVID-19 vaccine disparity: a multi-institutional survey. Journal of Osteopathic Medicine. 123 (7), p. 351-355.

Sakthi-Velavan, S., & Zahl, S.B. (2022). Integration of Virtual Microscopy Podcasts in the Histology Discipline in Osteopathic Medical School: Learning Outcomes. Anatomical Sciences Education.

Jackson, K.L., Ogunbekun,O,, Nick, B., Zahl, S.B.,…Lowery, J.W. (2022). Addressing Motivations and Barriers to Research Involvement During Medical School Among Osteopathic Medical students in the United States. Education Sciences; Special Edition: Advances in Learning and Teaching in Medical Education.

Nguyen, V., Kaneshiro, K., Nallamala, H., Kirby, C., Cho, T.,…Zahl, S.B.,…Kisby, G. (2020). Assessment of the Research Interests of First-Year Medical Students at Four Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine. Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, 120 (4), 236-244.

Gelfman, D. M., & Zahl, S.B. (2020). A Decision Directed Cardiac Exam in Medical School. Medical Science Educator, 30, 1019-1024.

Zahl, S.B., Jimenez, S., & Huffman, M. (2019). Assessment at the Highest Degree(s): Trends in Graduate and Professional Education In S. Hundley & S. Kahn (Eds.), Assessment Trends. Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing.

Zahl, S.B., & Jimenez, S.(2017). Assessing Graduate and Professional Education: Trends and Strategies. Assessment Update, 29(4), 8-9.

Chatterjee, A.K., & Zahl, S.B. (2017, June). Assessing Histology in an Integrated Medical Curriculum: Digital Slidebox and Bloom's Taxonomy. Poster presentation at the Annual Conference of the International Association of Medical Science Educators, Burlington, VT.

Zahl, S.B. (2015). The Impact of Community for Part-Time Doctoral Students: How Relationships in the Academic Department Affect Student Persistence. International Journal of Doctoral Studies, 10, 301-321.

Zahl, S.B. (2015). Mapping an Integrated Competency Based Curriculum: Linking Competency Domains to Assessment Methods. Medical Education, 49, Supp. 1, 94-95.


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