Sage Arbor Ph.D.

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Research Projects - Water structure epiphanies effecting batteries , clouds, and potable water

There is a layer of water molecules that surround hydrophilic (water loving) surfaces in an ordered manner. This has been known and accepted for decades, and the design of drugs has taken this into account since the exterior of proteins can have this layer of ordered water molecules. Recently however, evidence has been presented (Pollack, U. Washington) which suggests that instead of this layer consisting of a few water molecules in depth it could in fact order thousands of water molecules. Such a situation can be seen at a macroscopic level, and if these results hold up have profound repercussions. In essence this pure ice-like layer of water that would form (almost a millimeter thick) could provide purified drinking water for example. In addition this layer has a negative charge and absorbs in the infrared spectrum and could therefore be used as an energy source rivaling any current renewable energy in economic viability. This Exclusion Zone (EZ) structure of water needs to be investigated, validated, and modeled.

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