Julia Hum, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Physiology
Interim Director of Biomedical Sciences MS Program

(317) 955-6265
Evans Center, Room 312A

Julia Hum, Ph.D.

Clinical/Research Interests

Dr. Hum's primary research area is bone biology, her research goals include investigating how osteoblasts and osteocytes communicate in response to mechanical and hormonal signaling.

Highlighted Publications

Hum, J.M., O’Bryan, L.M., Tatiparthi, A., Clinkenbeard, E.L., Ni, P., Cramer, M.S., Bhaskaran, M., Johnson, R.L., Wilson, J.M., Smith, R.C., White, K.E. (2019) Sustained Klotho Delivery Reduces Serum Phosphate in a Model of Diabetic Nephropathy. Journal of Applied Physiology – In Press

Shadmand, M., Jackson, K., Bender, C., Donnelly, S., Guan, H., Tobin, K., Yates, S., Hum, J.M., Lowery, J.W. (2018) Bringing attention to lesser-known bone remodeling pathways. Clinical Reviews in Bone and Mineral Metabolism 16(3):95-102.

Hum, J.M., O’Bryan, L.M., Tatiparthi, A., Johnson, R.L., Wilson, J.M., Clinkenbeard, E.L., Cass, T.A., Smith, R.C., White, K.E. (2017). Chronic Hyperphosphatemia and Vascular Calcification Are Reduced by Stable Delivery of Soluble Klotho. JASN Apr;28(4):1162-1174.

Hum, J.M., Clinkenbeard, E.L., Cass, T.A., White, K.E. (2017) The Metabolic Bone Disease Associated with the Hyp Mutation is Independent of Osteoblastic HIF1alpha Expression. Bone Reports Jan 17;6:38-43.

Clinkenbeard, E.L., Stayrook, K.R., Farrow, E.G., Cass, T.A., Summers, L.J., Ip, C.S., Appaiah, H.N., Hum, J.M., Ivan, M., Richine, B.M., Goodwin, C.B., Chan, R.J., Schipani, E., Clemens, T.L., White, K.E. (2017) Erythropoietin Stimulates Murine and Human Fibroblast Growth Factor-23, Revealing Novel Roles for Bone and Bone Marrow. Haematologica. Nov;102(11):e427-e430.

White, K.E., Hum, J.M., Econs, M.J., (2014) Hypophosphatemic Rickets: Revealing Novel Control Points for Phosphate Homeostasis. Curr Osteoporos Rep 3, 252-262.

Hum, J.M., Day, R.N., Bidwell, J.P., Wang, Y., Pavalko, F.M. (2014) Mechanical Loading in Osteocytes Induces the Formation of a Src/Pyk2/MBD2 Complex that Suppresses Anabolic Gene Expression. PLoS ONE 5, e97942.

Hum, J.M., Siegel, A.P., Pavalko, F.M., Day, R.N. (2012) Monitoring Biosensor Activity in Living Cells with Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy. Int J Mol Sci 11, 14385-14400.

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