Jonathan W. Lowery, Ph.D.

Investigator Page


  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Harvard University (2010-14)

  • Ph.D. in cell and developmental biology, Vanderbilt University (2010)

  • B.S. in biology, Freed-Hardeman University (2004)

Research Interests and Current Projects

My research interests center on the cell-to-cell communication pathways underlying human physiology with an eye toward developing translational modalities. My particular expertise is in the BMP and Activin/TGF-beta signaling pathways, which are essential to human development and health and are dys-regulated in numerous diseases. During my PhD work, I showed for the first time that BMP signaling plays a direct role in the regulation of pulmonary microvascular tone. And, during my postdoc, I described how competition between BMP and related pathways regulates postnatal bone mass. Current projects in my lab use cell biology, biochemistry, and mouse genetics approaches to examine the mechanics of the BMP pathway in several physiological contexts, such as bone, skeletal muscle, and the vasculature. Additionally, in collaboration with my post-doc advisor, Dr. Rosen, at Harvard, I am engineering a novel set of tools which will allow investigators to directly determine the relative balance of two signaling pathways and equate this to cellular behavior in vivo, which is impossible to do at present. More detailed information about ongoing projects is available on my lab’s website ( Student initiated project ideas in the broad area of cellular physiology, signal transduction, and cell biology are also welcome.

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