John Lucich, MD
Professor and Chair of Internal Medicine

(317) 955-6513
Evans Center, Room 316A

Clinical/Research Interests

Dr. Lucich’s scholarly interests include the practice of evidence-based medicine and the application of technology in education.

Highlighted Publications

2015 – Lucich, J.A. (2015) Utility of evidence-based medicine in the medical profession [editorial]. Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, 115(11),644-645.

Lucich, J., J. Snyder, S. Gurevitz, M. Meyer. Man, 55, with mild chest Discomfort. Clinician Reviews, 2013; 23(12): 38 - 41.

Lucich,J.. Innovative Approaches for Teaching Clinically-Relevant Anatomy Utilizing Virtual Dissection Software, 2013; Volume 8, Number 3.

Lucich,J.. Letter to Editor: Evidence-Based Medicine: Its Roots and Its Fruits Revisited, 2012; Volume 23, Number 2.

Jennifer A. Snyder, MPAS, PA-C; John A. Lucich, MD; Jennifer S. Zorn, MS, PA-C; Patrick J. Enking, MS, PA-C; Jacqueline S. Barnett, MSHS, PA-C; David Fahringer, MSPH, PA-C. Clinical Coordination and the Experiential Year in Physician Assistant Education, 2010; Volume 21, Number 4.



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