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Students at MU-COM have countless opportunities to get involved in a variety of events and organizations. By participating in one of our many student clubs, volunteering for a variety of events around the university, city, and state, or by participating in a number of recreational activities, students will have the opportunity to grow academically, spiritually, socially, and professionally.

Student Clubs

There are over 40 student organizations giving students opportunities to serve the university, local, and state communities. Medical students work together to create community outreach events, blood drives, guest lectures, networking and shadowing events, and much more. There are also opportunities to attend national medical conferences and support students’ professional interests.

If you are interested in starting your own organization or to learn more about existing opportunities please contact Clint Whitson, assistant dean of student affairs, at

MU-COM Student Organizations include

American Medical Association – Marian University Section

The AMA section works to develop advocacy movements important to medical student, provide resources for students to have a role in medical legislation, and give opportunities to develop health policy understanding.

  • Guest speakers

American Medical Student Association

AMSA is a national organization that advocates at local and federal levels for a variety of topics applicable to medical students, residents, fellows and physicians. Additionally membership in the national organization provides students with numerous resources and opportunities for professional growth while in medical school and afterwards.

American Medical Women’s Association

AMWA is committed to banding women in medicine together to help one another navigate the medical field. The American Medical Women's Association empowers women to lead in improving health for all within a model that reflects the unique perspective of women.

  • Guest speakers
  • Lunch and learns

Anesthesiology Club - Marian University

This new club was started in the Spring of 2016. 

The Benjamin Rush Institute

Purpose is to educate medical students on medical ethics, healthcare policy, and economics. This will be accomplished by having lectures and hosting debates on the topics.

Board Game Club

We play board games and tabletop games to socialize and take a break from the daily grind. Games include Catan, Dominion, Qwirkle, Dixit, Agricola, Ascension, Pandemic, 7 Wonders, and many others. No previous board game experience is required: we’re happy to teach the games to anyone who shows up!

Cardiology Club

The mission of this club is to garner interest in the field of Cardiology and its sub-specialties, which will be accomplished by the following goals:

  1. Provide professional development opportunities for Cardiology Club members and MU-COM students.
  2. Enhance education to members via case studies, research paper discussions, and review sessions.
  3. Commitment to community service and promotion of heart health.

Catholic Medical Association

To support and empower students of medicine and other health professions in their formation as Catholic health care providers. As an integral part of the CMA, students have the opportunity to work with members of the CMA, both on local and national levels, who can provide guidance and mentoring for students through the challenges of being a Catholic and living out this calling.

  • Ethics discussions

Christian Osteopathic Association

Our purpose is to bring glory to Jesus Christ by living as men and women who promote the values of peace, reconciliation, stewardship, and the dignity of each individual. We obediently follow the Great Commandment to “love one another as Jesus loved us” by serving our peers and those in the community. We prayerfully and relationally support one another through the joys and hardships of medical school as we grow in knowledge and skill as future osteopathic physicians.

  • Picnics
  • Community outreach

COM Student Government Association

The MU-COM Student Government Association exists to serve as the voice of the MU-COM student body to the university administration and faculty as well as to external and community groups. The SGA allocates funding to student organizations from the student activity fee, organizes social and community service activities, addresses student concerns with the MU-COM Dean’s office, and lobbies for policies and services that meet the needs of MU-COM students.

  • Guest speakers
  • Community outreach
  • Halloween party
  • Spring formal
  • End of the year celebration
  • Town halls
  • Congress meetings
  • Wellness League

Culture and Communications in Medicine Club

We will discuss cultural competence and its importance in medicine. We will also practice different modes of communication that we may encounter with future patients. Currently, we are offering Medical Spanish and basic ASL. We will also discuss medical disparities and medical needs related to different cultures. If you would like to share a cultural perspective, or help present a language for study, let us know!

Dermatology Club

The purpose of this club is to raise awareness of dermatologic care and provide information regarding educational and training opportunities. We strive to build a strong network of future dermatology professionals.

  • Guest speakers
  • Collaboration with IU Dermatology Club

Emergency Medicine Club

The Emergency Medicine Club provides students who are interested in emergency medicine the opportunity to learn about the field through early clinical experience and exposure. Students will also meet with guest lecturers who will share their perspectives as healthcare professionals. This club is geared toward nursing and medical students.

  • Exam review
  • Guest speakers
  • Workshops
  • Community outreach

Family Medicine Club

The Family Medicine Club works to encourage student interest in the field of Family Medicine. We also strive to get involved in the community and provide health education to the community. We hope to inform students about Family Medicine residency and careers.

  • Workshops

MU-COM Fight Club

Provide a safe and healthy environment for MU-COM students to learn self-defense, exercise and meet fellow classmates.

Gold Humanism Honor Society

The mission of the Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) is to recognize individuals who are exemplars of humanistic patient care and who can serve as role models, mentors, and leaders in medicine. The power of the Society lies in bringing together like-minded individuals to sustain their own humanism and to inspire and nurture humanism in others. GHHS honors medical students, residents, fellows, role-model physician teachers and others who demonstrate excellence in humanistic clinical care, leadership, compassion and dedication to service.

Improv Club

To de-stress through a productive expression of “comedy.” To broaden the spectrum of situations a future physician may find themselves in so they act accordingly. 

Indianapolis Student Outreach Club

The purpose of this club is to provide students the opportunity to volunteer and give back to the Indianapolis community.

  • Community outreach

Infectious Disease Medicine

The Infectious Disease Medicine Club’s goals are to 1) enhance the learning of MU-COM students in respects to infectious diseases and the specialty of Infectious Disease Medicine, 2) enhance student relationships by providing interesting and engaging activities geared towards infectious disease, and 3) enhance the community’s awareness and preparedness of infectious disease through community outreach and community service programs.

  • Guest speakers
  • Lunch and learns
  • Relaxing activities
  • Informational packets
  • Community Outreach

Jewish Medical Association

The MU-COM Jewish Medical Association is a community of students and faculty dedicated to enriching the Jewish experience at Marian University. We aim to enhance campus life and culture through social programming and speaker events.

  • Annual brunch

LGBT Alliance

The LGBT Alliance aims to educate students, faculty, and community members on the unique healthcare needs of the LGBT population, raise awareness of LGBT issues, facilitate culturally competent communication with LGBT patients, and promote an all-inclusive community at Marian University. Also, the LGBT Alliance welcomes all Marian University students and faculty. We want to reinforce that membership is not limited to only individuals that identify as LGBT, and membership does not imply or require disclosure of sexual orientation.

Medical Humanities Club

The Medical Humanities Club aims to study medicine, health and illness from a range of social, cultural and artistic perspectives. It emphasizes also that success in medicine with patients develops from a broad range and expression of interests.

  • Panels
  • Community Outreach

Mentors Club

MU-COM Mentors will act as a bridge between pre-medical students and medical school. The club will be in communication with students through email or panels to provide guidance to students as they start their medical careers.

  • Guest speakers
  • Panels
  • Community outreach

Muslim Student Association

The purpose is to introduce Marian University students to the basics of Islamic culture and tradition in regards to working in a medical environment by bringing in guest medical professionals as speakers.  The goal is to help students understand the concepts behind the beliefs so that they can better treat their patients and to provide a more comfortable environment using a holistic approach when encountering people of different faith.  This organization will also reach out to other faith based organizations to collaborate and promote interfaith dialogue and will be an outlet for Muslim students to connect on campus, as well as bringing in the entire community to share in the celebrations and traditions of being a Muslim.

  • Mixers


The MU-COM OB/GYN Club exists to encourage and support interest in the field of OB/GYN medicine through community outreach and workshops on campus.

  • Guest speakers
  • Community outreach

Operation Smile; MU-COM

Operation Smile; MU-COM mission is to raise awareness of craniofacial abnormalities, to foster networking relationships within an array of surgical specialties, and to coordinate fundraising activities to promote and advocate for the International Operation Smile organization and philanthropic activities.

  • Guest speakers
  • Workshops
  • Community Outreach

Pediatrics Student Interest Group

To collaborate, contribute and learn about the pediatrics field. To build a strong, working relationship with Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, the future site of rotations for pediatrics clerkships.

Preventative Health and Wellness Club

The purpose is to bring a greater understanding of personal health and awareness to the community. We will promote health and wellness education through various activities including, but are not limited to, community partnerships, not-for-profit kids camps, educational seminars, guest speakers, public health announcements, newsletters and campus events.

  • Guest speakers
  • Community outreach

Psychiatry Student Interest Club

The psychiatry student interest club is committed to the dual goals of 1) decreasing stigma associated with mental health issues and 2) providing information and opportunities to the MU-COM student body pertaining to psychiatry as a career path.

Radiology-Oncology Club

The mission of the Radiology-Oncology Club is to introduce students to the fascinating and ever-changing worlds of radiology and oncology. The primary goal of the club is to inform students about the natures of radiology, oncology, and radiation-oncology medical specialties. Various physicians will be invited to speak about their career paths. Our second goal is to focus on the clinical skills utilized in radiology and oncology. Through lectures and other venues, we aim to raise student awareness of cancer treatment modalities and imaging used in day to day practice.

Research Club

The mission of the MU-COM Research club is to generate interest, facilitate education, provide opportunities, and enhance the knowledge in clinical and biomedical research for MU-COM students.

  • Lunch and learns
  • Guest speakers

Scott County Outreach Project

SCOP will function as an on-going partnership between MU-COM and the Scott County community to address the HIV/HCV Outbreak in Southern Indiana.

Sigma Sigma Phi – MU Upsilon Chapter

Sigma Sigma Phi is the honorary national osteopathic medicine service fraternity. Membership into the fraternity demonstrates academic achievement, leadership, and commitment to the College of Osteopathic Medicine, the community, and the medical profession. Membership requirements include; maintaining a minimum of 3.0 GPA, fulfilling the monthly community service requirement, and sitting on one committee within the chapter.

  • Community outreach
  • Educational events

Student American Academy of Osteopathy

SAAO is dedicated to helping students attain a maximum proficiency in Osteopathy structural diagnosis and treatment. We host weekly review sessions, speakers, and workshops to that end.

  • Mock practicals
  • Student clinical presentations
  • Community outreach
  • Lunch and learns

Student American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedics

The Student American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedics (SAOAO) facilitates the finest training and continuous development of potential Osteopathic Orthopedic Surgeons to positively improve the care, healing and quality of life of patients.

  • Workshops

Student Association of Military Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons

NG, Reserve, and HPSP students already have military commitments. This club will assist you in making the transition from civilian to military life. We hope to pursue paintball, combatives, camping, and presentations from current and former military members. The club may expand based on interests.

  • Guest speakers

Student Indiana Osteopathic Association

The purpose is to provide the student body with a connection to their local Indiana Osteopathic Association and help form relationships in the community to help grow the Osteopathic field in Indiana.

  • Guest speakers

Student Interest Group in Neurology

The purpose of this group is to provide a university organization dedicated to further interest and provide unique learning activities to those students who are interested in pursuing neurology.

Student National Medical Association

SNMA is committed to supporting current and future underrepresented minority medical students, addressing the needs of underserved communities, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent, and social conscious physicians.

  • Community outreach

Student Osteopathic Association of Sports Medicine

The Mission of the SOASM is to form a bridge between Osteopathic Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery, in order to create a holistic functioning system to provide all the members with the opportunity to change the future of Osteopathic Orthopedic medicine by being well educated and experienced health care practitioners.

  • Golf Outing
  • Community Outreach

Student Osteopathic Internal Medicine Association

To bring about an awareness about internal medicine.

Student Osteopathic Medical Association

The Student Osteopathic Medicine Association (SOMA) is a student affiliate organization of the American Osteopathic Association (AOA). We are your portal to the greater Osteopathic community and the best way to get your voice heard on issues that affect you and your future career. SOMA has much to offer the ambitious osteopathic medical student. From fantastic discounts and membership benefits to virtually limitless leadership opportunities, allowing you to nurture your leadership skills, build life-long bonds with your colleagues from across the US and leave your mark on the Osteopathic profession! We offer various benefits for members such as access to a Clinical Clerkship Database. Here you can access an expansive list of elective rotation sites for 3rd & 4th year, recommended by other SOMA members! This is a student governing body where you can let your voice be heard on your campus and across the country!

  • Guest speakers

Student Osteopathic Surgical Association

SOSA exists to help promote education in the field of surgery, provide a forum for students to discuss with surgeons, stressing the osteopathic principles in relationship to disease in the practice of surgery.

  • Workshops
  • Guest speakers
  • Blood Drive

Timmy Global Health

The Marian University COM/SoN chapter of Timmy Global Health has two missions. The first being to support the work of Timmy Global Health on a local and global front through fundraising and service while exposing medical and nursing students to issues of global health, health equity/equality and working with medically underserved populations. Through this dual mission, the club strives to participate in eliminating barriers to healthcare access, locally and globally, as well as empower future medical professionals to continue address these issues of health equality throughout their future carriers as leaders and medical providers.

  • Speaker series
  • Mission trip planning
  • Community Outreach

Wellness League

We promote all things health and wellness to MU-COM and LSON!  This includes recreation and fitness, de-stress activities, mental health, you name it!  Come join us! Be well. Stay well.

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