Frequently Asked Questions

  • History of Marian University.

  • What is a college of osteopathic medicine?

  • Why does Indiana need a college of osteopathic medicine?

  • Why did Marian University decide to open a college of osteopathic medicine (COM)?

  • How many students will be enrolled in each entering class at MU-COM?

  • Who are MU-COM's current clinical partners?

  • What opportunities will be available to Indiana DOs?

  • How do I apply to MU-COM?

  • What are the admissions requirements for the DO program?

  • Does MU-COM allow substitutes for any required courses?

  • How is MU-COM accredited?

  • Is there an Early Decision Program (EDP) available for applicants?

  • Would the admissions Committee accept a letter from one of my professors in lieu of an evaluation from a premedical advisor/committee?

  • Must an applicant submit a letter of recommendation from a DO?

  • What are MU-COM's averages for GPA and MCAT?

  • What is your policy regarding international, non-permanent residents?

  • What should an applicant expect in the interview process?

  • May I submit more than the required three letters of recommendation?

  • Are any application or deposit fees refundable?

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