Embracing Passion: Inaugural 'Geek Out Competition' Sparks Intellectual Enthusiasm

by Glendal Jones | May 15, 2024

Marian University's Health and Well-Being department celebrated its inaugural "Geek Out Competition" this year within the framework of the Showcase of Scholarship. Seven finalists captivated the audience with their vibrant presentations, delving into topics of personal fascination under the Intellectual Well-Being umbrella. 

From cartoon characters to musicians and Irish Dance, the spectrum of subjects showcased the students' diverse passions. Four individual prizes were given to recognize excellence, while the event left all attendees enriched with newfound knowledge and appreciation for the eclectic interests within the community.

Congratulations to the below Shining Star finalists and their topics: 

Skylar Thomas - All about Noah Kahan (finalist)

Priscila Espinoza - Tom and Jerry (finalist)

Caroline Doorley - Irish Dance (finalists)

Lydia Fitzgerald - Monstera: A Vibrant Plant (Winner: Best Visualizations) 

Everett Carlisle - Sorry, Not Sorry (Winner: Best Delivery) 

Alexis Cantrell - Dr. Pepper (Winner: Most Interesting Deep Dive)

Hannah Laskowski - The Grudge against Gaited (Winner: Best Overall)  

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