Shining Stars Student Spotlight—Meet Marian University’s Ancilla College's Olivia Williams

by Glendal Jones | May 02, 2024

Meet Olivia Williams, a graduating sophomore from Nashville, Michigan, whose journey at Marian University's Ancilla College (MUAC) has been nothing short of transformative.

From the moment she stepped onto campus, Olivia felt an immediate sense of belonging, which reminded her of the warmth and familiarity of her hometown. As an active member of the MUAC the soccer team and an engaged student within the close-knit community Marian fosters, Olivia flourished. Pursuing her passion in Business, Olivia discovered her love for accounting and will further her studies at Cleary University post-graduation. Despite hailing from a small town, Marian University’s Ancilla College provided Olivia with boundless opportunities for growth and self-discovery. As she approaches graduation, Olivia fondly reflects on the supportive environment, intimate class sizes, and familial atmosphere that have made her Marian experience truly unforgettable.


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