Department of Media, Design, and Communication Launches Inaugural Arts and Media Showcase

by Glendal Jones | May 01, 2024

The Department of Media, Design, and Communication is thrilled to announce its inaugural Arts and Media Showcase held on April 26, 2024. The event celebrated the remarkable artistic talents exhibited by students on campus. As part of the showcase, the department introduced the first Arts and Media Awards to inspire students to submit their creative works for recognition and prizes.

Students from various disciplines, including writing, media and design, Art, theater, and music, participated in the showcase, showcasing their creativity and skill. We are delighted to congratulate the following Arts and Media Awards winners and extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants for their valuable contributions. Your efforts have made the event successful, and you are all Shining Stars!


  • Critical Essay Writing
    • First Place: Mariangel Morales Aparicio
    • Second Place: Sylvia Vanderburgh
    • Third Place: Noah Richards
  • Poetry
    • First Place: Abby Meinhart
    • Second Place: Ethan Brubaker
    • Third Place: Simon Collins
  • Short Fiction
    • First Place: Simon Collins
    • Second Place: Hailey Ready
    • Third Place: Bethany Worrell
  • Nonfiction
    • First Place: Ethan Brubaker
    • Second Place: Abby Meinhart
    • Third Place: Hailey Ready

Media & Design

  • Photography
    • First Place: Emma Hendrix
    • Second Place: Simon Collins
    • Third Place: Jamie Blane
  • Podcasting
    • First Place: Sylvia Vanderburgh and Mariangel Morales Aparicio
    • Second Place: Emma Hendrix and Elijah Givens
    • Third Place: Amari Fields


  • 2D Art
    • First Place: John Harley
    • Second Place: Lucas Stierwalt
    • Third Place: John Harley
  • 3D Art
    • First Place: Cecilia Doyle
    • Second Place: Lucas Stierwalt
  • Graphic Art
    • First Place: Judah Gustafson
    • Second Place: Katie Droese
    • Third Place: Lucas Stierwalt


  • Acting
    • First Place: Mikayla Jette


  • Instrumental Performance
    • First Place: Jack Flinsbaugh
  • Vocal Performance
    • First Place: Vanessa Ochoa
    • Second Place: Abby Meinhart
    • Third Place: Emily Reyes

Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding contributions to Marian University's arts and media community. Your talent and dedication are truly commendable!

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