Marian University’s Saint Joseph College Students Earn and Learn their Career Matches

by Glendal Jones | Apr 18, 2024

For Marian University's Saint Joseph College students, it was a dawn of new opportunities and a day of transformative journeys. The two-year college offered them a chance to earn an associate degree in business or liberal arts, a feat that would be accompanied by invaluable work experience with Indianapolis business partners. This unique 'Earn and Learn' program not only enriched their academic knowledge, but also empowered them with real-world skills. 

Madelyn Brubaker, a first-year student pursuing a cybersecurity degree, couldn't have been happier. "I really love that St. Joe's has given me an opportunity to learn and work at the same time," she said. "It's a cool blend of academic and practical experience. I get to branch out and see my friends, and teachers, who I consider my family here at school, and I also found a workplace to make a new family there too." The sense of community and support she feels at Saint Joseph College is what makes her experience truly fulfilling. 

Jeermal Sylvester, Saint Joseph's director of workforce development, echoed Brubaker's sentiments as he emphasized the impact of hands-on learning opportunities. "Our partnership with Indianapolis business leaders like CNO Financial Group, Early Learning Indiana, Listen to Our Future, Daystar Childcare, and Totly Childcare opens doors for our students, allowing them to cultivate essential skills within their chosen industries.”  

Guiding that vision was Saint Joseph's Dean Bessie Rigakos, Ph.D., who spoke passionately about the college's mission to empower students from diverse backgrounds. "As an educator, I see my students and the fruits of their labor come to life. We've been watching and guiding them as they're ready to work and succeed. Dr. Rigakos continued, "Our "Earn and Learn" program fosters a culture of collaboration and mentorship which extends well beyond the classroom."  

Ledarius Johnson works as a site coordinator for Listen to the Future. "We go into schools and help students struggling, and we build solid educational blocks as we tutor them at five in-school programs and nine after-school programs. I really enjoy what I do because it gives back continuously, and I am here now to offer my experience to a current Saint Joseph's student." 

 As students beamed when matched with their employers, many agreed they were delighted with their Saint Joseph College choice. They will begin their new workday soon. "This was definitely one of the best decisions of my life," said Brubaker. "I feel encouraged, energized and excited about my future." 

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