Marian University announces Innovative University Endowment: Creviston Smith Endowed Fund for Research Replication and Reproduction

by News Release | Mar 20, 2024

Marian University announced the creation of an innovative endowment for research – the Creviston Smith Endowed Fund for Research Replication and Reproduction – as the result of a $50,000 anonymous gift. 

The Creviston Smith Endowed Fund will position Marian University as a leader in a growing international effort to increase transparency and rigor within the research community.  

The Creviston Smith Endowed Fund provides dedicated research funding as an incentive for Marian faculty members, students and research staff to conduct regular replication and/or reproduction studies as part of their scholarly programs. Researchers can request funds for corroborating previously published work as a step in the initial phase of their own research endeavors or as a standalone validation study. Marian researchers may also seek funding to have their original work verified prior to publication by another Marian researcher as a means of increasing trust in the validity of the results. 

“We are grateful for the generous gift establishing this endowed fund,” said Jonathan Lowery, Ph.D., assistant provost for research and scholarship. “Through it, Marian University scholars can undertake the important work of authenticating research studies. This strengthens and advances the efforts of the global research community and builds confidence in the power of research to solve real-world problems. Additionally, the commitment of our research environment as being faculty-led and student-driven allows students to join us at the forefront of this work.” 

Funding from the new endowment is open to all Marian University faculty, students and research staff members. Researchers will apply for funding through a competitive intramural grant process.  


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