Saint Meinrad offers accelerated Master of Arts in Theology for Marian University students

by News Release | Mar 19, 2024

Saint Meinrad Seminary, School of Theology, and Marian University have announced a new collaboration to offer Marian students an accelerated track to a Master of Arts degree in theology. Marian students taking theology or ministry classes can complete an M.A. in theology in at least one academic year.

Chase Cloutier, the director of Graduate Theology Programs at Saint Meinrad, and John Noble, Ph.D.,  Marian University's theology department chair, signed a memorandum of understanding in February establishing the collaboration.

Under the terms of the agreement, Marian undergraduates taking upper-level theology or ministry classes are eligible to receive advanced standing for up to nine graduate credits. Marian University also plans to offer a three-credit graduate theology course that senior students can take to fulfill one of their undergraduate electives. When combined, the advanced standing and transfer credit will be the equivalent of 12 graduate credits. Saint Meinrad’s 36-credit M.A. in theology can be completed in two semesters.

“Saint Meinrad and Marian University are both committed to holistic theological education that enriches students’ personal development and prepares them for pastoral ministry,” said Cloutier. “This new collaboration recognizes the excellent education received at Marian while making Saint Meinrad’s exceptional formation more accessible to Marian students.”

According to Dr. Noble, the arrangement represents the bright future available to Marian graduates. “This cooperative agreement with Saint Meinrad offers students a wonderful opportunity to carry forth the tradition of excellence begun at Marian,” he said. “The intellectual and personal growth that takes place at Marian can continue with further studies at Saint Meinrad.”

Marian graduates can apply for advanced standing at Saint Meinrad immediately. Current Marian students may apply for entry into the accelerated M.A. program as early as June 1 after their junior year. More information about the accelerated M.A. program can be found on the Saint Meinrad website: Program inquiries can be sent to Chase J. Cloutier at:

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