Marian University Ancilla College Student Shines Bright in Transition to Marian's Main Campus

by Mikayla S. Jette '25 | Nov 06, 2023

Marian University student Dalian Leach '25 deserves the spotlight as he is the recipient of a Marian University Ancilla College (MUAC) transitional scholarship.

The scholarship is awarded to students who have graduated from MUAC's two-year program and will continue their studies on Marian's Indianapolis campus. Leach is majoring in communications with interests in art and design and English.

Calvin Hopple, MUAC marketing coordinator, said, "He has grown and succeeded through the transition scholarship where otherwise college may not have been a clear path for him. It is clear that college is no easy task, and when students can take it on in a new way, they can grow in ways they never expected."

"There have been many challenges including more difficult course work, longer work hours, making friends, and fitting in on campus," said Leach. The junior student hasn't allowed those challenges to hold him back. Leach is also a writer for the school paper "The Phoenix," a Marian student/campus ambassador who gives tours to current MUAC students interested in visiting Marian's Indianapolis campus.

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