Marian University Ancilla College's Nursing Student Pioneer

by Calvin Hopple | Jun 06, 2023

Growing up and graduating twenty minutes away from Marian University's Ancilla College (MUAC), Erin Stacy, '25, first learned about MUAC through her high school's college fair. Through connecting with the bowling coach, Stacy '25 quickly committed to MUAC, becoming one of the pioneering students in the Leighton School of Nursing. "I love being in the Bachelor of student nursing (BSN)program, and all the professors really want to help you and see you succeed," Stacy '25 said. Through the Leighton School of Nursing, Stacy '25 feels confident that she will be ready to take her state board exam and join the nursing profession after her final year. Post-graduation, Stacy '25 aspires to work in the field while returning to school to continue her education in pursuit of a nurse practitioner license.

The ambitious student chose to reside in MUAC's Miller Hall for a more complete university experience. She added, "I am happy I made the decision to live on campus as there is always a friend next door to build a relationship I would not have otherwise." Stacy '25, a member of Indiana's all-academic team, is also MUAC's Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) chapter's officer of scholarship and leadership as she is headed to a PTK conference hoping to obtain a scholarship. Stacy '25 has been involved in many projects around campus through PTK and has collaborated with other groups around the community to make these projects even more successful.



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