Marian University Ancilla College Student Focus: Tolulope Oluwafemi

by Mikayla S. Jette '25 | Apr 14, 2023

Every student has a story to be told, and Marian University wants to highlight the adaptable story of Tolulope Oluwafemi, a freshman sports management major at Marian University’s Ancilla College (MUAC).

Oluwafemi and his family immigrated from Nigeria in 2015 and lived in various locations around the greater Indianapolis area. This constant movement didn’t stop Oluwafemi from building relationships and doing what he loves- sports. In his own words, “I love people and getting to know them whether in the game, on the team, or in my community." "I think it’s good to build a connection with everybody.”

Oluwafemi discovered MUAC in 2022 while on YouTube, finding a trending video and loved how active Marian's sports teams are on campus. Once he visited campus and MUAC accepted him, his choice was clear. He says he was just far enough away from his home that he could gain some independence, and still be close enough to visit home when desired.

He shares his gratefulness for the opportunity to be embracing his sports passion saying,  “sports are my thing, I live for it!”   

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