Marian Pilgrims Take on World Youth Day 2023

by Mikayla S. Jette '25 | Mar 22, 2023


Have you ever received such good news that you had to tell someone right away? Just look at Luke 1:39 “Mary arose and went with haste” and you’ll understand this feeling just like these Marian University Knights. In a journey from Indianapolis, Indiana to Lisbon, Portugal, a group of MU Knights are joining Mary in her "going with haste" as they head to World Youth Day 2023 (WYD). This summer a group of 38 Marian students are taking on the role of pilgrims as they head to a new country to encounter Christ and discover what it truly means to be Catholic- a Universal Church.

WYD is a worldwide conference held every two to three years by the Pope. It is a gathering of young adults from all over the world for prayer, worship, and celebration of the Catholic Faith. Throughout the journey they will experience a day in Fatima, Mass with the Pope, an Overnight Vigil Mass and much more. "Marian students long for this faith connection, said Kyle McCreary '25. "They want to be “transformed and molded into better mediators of Christ’s love and compassion,” McCreary ‘25 added. As the young Church, we are the present Church and have the call to live as the hands and feet of God in all that we do. These Marian pilgrims want to encounter God in a unique way and are asking for your prayers and your monetary assistance. 



This is the first ever student led pilgrimage in Marian History and these student pilgrims have been working hard to raise money for this journey. Student pilgrims are working towards a $150,000 goal by April 1st and so far have raised just over $60,000. The cost of each student pilgrim is $4,200. So far, student pilgrims have worked the concession stands at football games, sold socks, candles, nativity sets, and even coffee. They also participated in a Knights of Columbus Charity Breakfast and each Friday of Lent, pilgrims have been at St. Louis de Montfort selling desserts during the Knights of Columbus Fish Fry. 

There are numerous ways to support these student pilgrims. First, Day for the Knights (DFTK), is an all-day fundraising effort held Thursday, March 30 at Marian University. WYD is one of the programs you can support through the University Ministry department. You can also make a pledge with a donation, and you will have the opportunity to speak with a student pilgrim you choose to support.  Since DFTK is March 30— it's two days before our WYD deadline!  Additionally, you can make a direct donation on Crowd Change by clicking: here to donate to the group or a specific student pilgrim. Lastly, you can spiritually walk with the student pilgrims by sharing a prayer intention. Just click here

World Youth Day Student Leader McCreary ‘25 reflects, “Creating the chance to say “yes” to this formative opportunity in a Catholic University, just like your home parish, school, organization, will have a ripple effect more fruitful and impactful than we could ever foresee. This is apparent from the support we have received thus far in our journey.” 

Student pilgrims also want to thank you for your monetary support as well as your prayers as student pilgrims are also  praying for you. Our Lady of the Visitation, pray for us.  


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