Marian University Announces 2023 Orr Fellows

by Glendal Jones | Mar 03, 2023

Marian University is excited to announce the 2023 Orr Fellows, alumnus Ben Kompar '22 and current student Drew Thornton '23. Orr Fellowship is a two-year, post-graduate experience, which targets hardworking college students who want to hone their business and entrepreneurial skills while working a full-time salaried position. Becoming an Orr Fellow is a huge deal. On average, Orr Fellowship only accepts less than eight percent of those who apply each year. 

That’s fantastic news for Orr Fellow Kompar ‘22, a Marian marketing graduate. He will work at hc1, an Indianapolis Cloud-based precision health platform, as a business

“I am excited for the opportunity to work for hc1,” said Kompar ’22. “I feel lucky that I get to work for a company that is leveraging data to improve lives.”

Thornton ’23, who’s a double major in marketing, nutrition, fitness and wellness will work for Offprem Technology.

“Everything I’ve done and continue to do here at Marian University has prepared me to put my best efforts in place and succeed, Thornton ’23 said. “These meaningful connections in my future career mean I am well prepared to be a leader in the world.”  

To enhance those leadership skills, Orr Fellow participants complete a unique curriculum designed to challenge and further their professional development through mentoring and acquiring new skills for career excellence and success.

Marian University fellows selected in previous years include Lauren Kenny ’21, Sandy Sledge ’22, Olivia Thomas ‘22, Kayla Fisher '21, Elena Horen '21, Hannah Robinson ’21, Rachel Moning ’20, Maresa Kelly ’19, Stephanie Purdy ’18, Hana Roessler ’17, Emily Doll ‘16, and Amber Ferrari ’15.

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