Marian University's Ancilla College Student Success Story: Regan Watkins '26

by Calvin Hopple | Dec 12, 2022

Regan Watkins '26, a current first-year student at Marian University’s Ancilla College (MUAC), is pursuing a bachelor’s degree through the Leighton School of Nursing.

Graduating high school with only an 18-minute drive from MUAC and family being alumni of Ancilla College, Regan Watkins has known about the university since an early age. When starting her college search, MUAC was one of the first applications she submitted. Although the decision to commit to MUAC was not one Watkins made lightly, after some deliberation she decided that MUAC would be her second home for the next four years. Primarily due to one key factor—proximity to home. “Being able to live at home and commute to campus has been an amazing experience for me. I still have been able to form meaningful relationships with my professors and other faculty, all while getting to go home every night to see my family. Not to mention, being able to see my cat, Simon, after a long day of exams makes everything better,” Watkins said. 

As a first-year college student in the Leighton School of Nursing, Watkins has understood how important interpersonal relationships formed with peers and faculty can be. “It is so refreshing to be able to walk into my professor’s office and get one-on-one help when I have questions about the material,” Watkins said. In her time between classes, Watkins enjoys getting coffee at the on-campus café and studying in the library.

Already beginning to plan her future, Watkins intends to continue her education by obtaining a master’s degree in forensic nursing. Having the support of advisors and professors has been a huge motivation for her and has prompted her to follow her passions—health professions and forensic science. 

With many accomplishments throughout her sprouting university career, Watkins feels that her most substantial has been finding the work-education balance in her life. Through carrying a job, maintaining grades, and having a social life, finding that balance was a significant part of her success at MUAC this past semester. 

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