Marian University Speech and Debate Team Triumphs in Second Tournament Win

by Glendal Jones | Dec 01, 2022

They are continuing to dominate the competition as the Marian University speech and debate team won first place at the Tennessee Porch Swing competition hosted by Carson-Newman University of Jefferson City, Tennessee on Saturday, November 12. Marian competed against 12 other schools and ended with the team gaining its second tournament win in the season.

“We really have a phenomenal team”, explained Program Director and Assistant Communication Professor Drew Stewart. “They are focused, determined, intelligent leaders who are extremely talented.” A Marian University Debate Team Member agreed. "Speech and debate are an exciting team to be a part of”, Lydia Shock ‘24 said. “We all work hard, and it has been so motivating to see our efforts rewarded.”

With that thinking, the team expects to remain in a top 10 national program by the end of the competitive year with more regular season successes like the second one. “The team has a history of success due to three items: strong focus on inclusivity, clarity of competitive goals, and to put it plainly, we've always been able to recruit students who are equally very kind and intelligent,” Stewart said.

Every Marian competitor earned an award as below are results:

  • Lydia Shock ‘24 - Champion: After-Dinner Speaking & Champion: Duo Interpretation with Natalie Rund
  • Natalie Rund ‘24 - Champion: Duo Interpretation w Lydia Shock, 2nd place: Poetry Interpretation, & 7th place: Slam Poetry
  • Alex Rapp ‘24 - 2nd place: After Dinner Speaking & 3rd place:
    Dramatic Interpretation
  • Timothy Hosford ‘23 - Champion: Rhetorical Criticism & 2nd place:
    Slam Poetry
  • Charles Russell III ‘25 - Champion: Slam Poetry
  • Jules Frisby ‘23 - Champion: Programmed Oral Interpretation & 3rd place: Rhetorical Criticism
  • Allie Buntin ‘24- 3rd place: After-Dinner Speaking
  • Miguel Spalding ‘26-Price - 3rd place: Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Mariangel Morales-Aparicio ‘24 - 4th place: After-Dinner Speaking & 5th place: Slam Poetry
  • Vincent Estrada ‘24 - 4th place: Impromptu Speaking
  • Jeff Martin ‘23- 4th place: Informative Speaking
    Nate Rodenberg ‘23- 6th place: Prose Interpretation
  • Mika Goel ‘23- 6th place: Persuasive Speaking
  • Nicholas Kantner ‘24 - 2nd place: Programmed Oral Interpretation

Additionally, the team welcomes all Marian undergraduate students interested in joining the powerhouse speech and debate team, no matter the major or public speaking experience. Contact Program Director and Assistant Communication Director Drew Stewart if interested.

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