Marian University's City Connects Program Expands to More Indiana Schools

by News Release | Oct 26, 2022

There are more resources on the way in Indianapolis to help children better succeed in the classroom. Marian University's City Connects program is striving to do just that. The program has now expanded into nearly three dozen more schools across the state to help improve test scores.

City Connects first launched in Boston, Massachusetts more than two decades ago and just launched in Indiana in 2021. This year, it has grown to 79 schools impacting more than 26,000 students. The program also partnered with the Indianapolis Mayor's Office to add 12 more schools as part of a grant.

City Connects Director Jillian Lain said the program uses evidence-based strategies to make sure students get personalized help. "The first half of the semester is focused on creating what we call 'whole class reviews.' So, during that process, all of those individualized students' support plans are created and established," Lain said. "We're in the information-gathering stage, so come the second semester of the school year, we'll likely see a lot more information about the strengths and needs of the students and then be able to then assess the types of interventions that will come along side that."

The program is still in need of coordinators at several schools across the state. Find a full list and learn how to apply here.

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