Nursing Student Niyoka Ashford Shines at Marian University's Ancilla College

by Calvin Hopple | Oct 12, 2022

Niyoka Ashford is a Shining Star in her own right and realizing her dreams because of a change in Marian University Ancilla's nursing program. The nursing student followed her passions to Marian Ancilla seeking a two-year associate's degree of science in nursing. “I was just really coming in just for the two-year program because I was already a licensed practical nurse," she said. By the time the transition was made, the two-year program had turned into the four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program today.

Ashford says she "freaked out" at first as she did not want the four-year BSN degree, but it also caused her to evaluate if she wanted to stay at Marian or transfer to a different school, but thankfully, she stayed at Ancilla.  She says spoke with an instructor about their experiences at Ancilla College and they spoke very highly about the school. “I don’t know why this stuck with me over the years, but that’s when I first began to hear about Ancilla, and why I am here today," she added. 

“I look forward to just being around my nursing classmates. I just like the environment and talking to different people. They are inspiring and the instructors are so helpful. They make me feel like even if I have had a bad day, I can still get through it. They’re just awesome.” Now empowered, even more, Ashford says she's earned the knowledge to pursue any career she sets her mind to.


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