Marian University strengthens its organizational structure by appointing Kenith Britt, Ph.D., to the newly-created position of chief operating officer and chancellor

by News Release | Sep 28, 2022
Kenith Britt, Ph.D., has been appointed to the newly-created position of chief operating officer and chancellor to help the vision and mission of Marian.

Marian University has strengthened its organizational structure and its ability to support continued enrollment, program, and research growth across its multiple campus locations. This includes the creation of the university’s first-ever chief operating officer (COO) and chancellor for the Indianapolis campus. Kenith Britt, Ph.D., has been appointed to this new position by President Daniel J. Elsener and will continue to report to him as president. Dr. Britt previously served as senior vice president of strategic growth and innovation and founding dean of the Fred S. Klipsch Educators College.

President Daniel J. Elsener will continue to focus on Marian’s vision, mission expansion, and building the institutional capacity through resource attainment and strategic partnerships. 

With approval from the Marian University Board of Trustees for the new organizational structure, President Elsener identified and invited Dr. Britt to take on this expanded responsibility in innovation and growth. In his new role as COO and chancellor, Dr. Britt is responsible for working closely with Alan Silva, Ph.D., executive vice president and provost, to achieve excellence in learning and continuous improvement of the total student experience.  

“Marian University continues to identify opportunities before us to make remarkable progress in academic quality, enrollment, financial strength, and strategic and profound institutional growth,” said Marian University President Daniel J. Elsener. “Marian has grown to become a national doctoral university and the organization’s structure needs to be designed to optimize our continued growth in scope, quality of service to our students, commitment to the professions critical to society, the rapid changes coming to the higher education sector, and in serving the common good.” 

This new leadership role will allow Marian University President Daniel J. Elsener to further solidify the university’s long-term vision and strategic growth. 

“Over the last decade, Dr. Britt has demonstrated remarkable leadership in his various roles at Marian,” said Denise Feser ’77, chair of the Marian University Board of Trustees. “Coupling Marian’s tremendous enrollment growth of more than 20 percent with the recent expansion of more nursing sites and campus locations, it is the perfect time for a shift in organizational structure to better position members of the leadership team to execute the strategic priorities set forth by the board.” 

A Pennsylvania native, Dr. Britt received his bachelor’s degree in education from West Liberty University in West Virginia, his master’s degree in leadership studies from Marshall University, and his doctoral degree in leadership from The Catholic University of America. Since joining Marian University in 2013, he served as senior vice president for advancement, dean of the Klipsch Educators College, and most recently as senior vice president for strategic growth and innovation. 

Under his leadership as dean, the Klipsch Educators College achieved record enrollment and raised more than $75 million. One of Dr. Britt’s key priorities was to focus on diversifying the teaching profession by emphasizing the importance of recruiting students who are commonly underrepresented in education.  

“It is a great privilege to continue my calling at Marian University as the chief operating officer and chancellor of the Indianapolis campus,” said Dr. Britt. “This organizational structure empowers our leaders to focus on maximizing the opportunities that will bring distinctiveness, resources, and tremendous benefit to the students, staff, faculty, alumni, and communities that we serve.” 

To ensure the new structure is effectively supporting key areas of the university, Dr. Britt assumes operational responsibility for Marian University, while Dr. Silva will continue to oversee academic quality and provide advocacy and support for faculty teaching, research, and scholarship.

“I look forward to continuing my work with Dr. Britt in his new role and to collaborate on the execution of our strategic plan,” said Dr. Silva. “It is paramount for each member of the leadership team to remain focused on the key strategic priorities that will drive our journey as a national doctoral university.”

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