Mock Networking and Blessing for 2023 Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine Students Preparing for Match Season

by Glendal Jones | Jun 20, 2022

Imagine this. You’re a rising fourth-year medical student preparing for interviews for a fall medical residency position. Nerve-racking? Probably. But it’s not as stressful for almost 150 Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine students who, for the first time in two years, got a chance to meet and greet classmates in person recently, as well as participate in a mock-networking and blessing.“I said to myself, what do I want to do when I’m in my 50s that I’ll still be passionate and most days will be different and not boring?” explained Kate Phelps ’23. She’s looking for a family medicine career. Her father is a dentist, but instead of dentistry, she says she’s passionate about how the whole body works.

Delivering that confidence and personality during interviews is a major goal.

 “We want to give all of our students the tools they need to succeed, so we also incorporated these mock interview sessions, which will help match them for hospital residencies,” said Clint Whitson, M.S., assistant dean for student affairs. “I understand they are sharp medical students, however, the more experiences they have additionally learning how to present themselves professionally, the better. It makes them more well-rounded, medical professionals who can relate to their patients while elevating their confidence. “

About 50 faculty and staff members served as interviewers providing positive comments and constructive feedback.

“I really enjoyed and got excited for the students when I spoke with them, explained Allison Hering ‘20, Marian’s social media manager. “Many are polished with bubbly personalities, and they reveal their passions. That’s important to stress why they should be hired, and what unique differences they bring to the table,” Hering added.

As you may imagine, Marian students are prepped well.

“During the graduate medical education week, we’ve done group mock interviews, strategy sessions in person and online, meetings, networking, financial success, and more,” stressed Elisha Hancock, Marian’s career advisor and graduate medical education specialist. “We really care about our students, and especially with Marian’s smaller class sizes, we’re better prepared to teach more individually.”

“I’m looking forward to a dual career specializing in urology and physical, medical, and rehabilitation,” Cynthia Okoh ’23 explained. “I want to be able to provide someone with that continuity of care while also positively affecting a patient’s quality of life. I’m thrilled for these opportunities to really make a difference as I know my training here at Marian only boosted my medical passions.”

The best way to ignite that passion? With a blessing as faculty and staff outstretched their hands toward students during a powerful message.

“The power to heal someone is a noble profession and is very Catholic and Franciscan, “said Mark Erdosy, executive director of mission integration. “As you may know, there are two founders of the Franciscan order, Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Clare of Assisi. Saint Clare was a healer and used essential oils and herbs, so I want to thank you for hearing God’s calling for your life, and being a part of God’s healing hands.” 

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