Student Profile: Meet Jacob Wood of Marian University Ancilla

by Calvin Hopple | May 17, 2022
Profile of MU-Ancilla Student Jacob Wood

What brought you to Ancilla:

My family brought me to Marian University’s Ancilla College as my next step toward a future career after high school. I only had to choose between two schools, and between the degrees offered and located close to home, Marian’s Ancilla College was the clear choice for a degree in natural and health sciences. It also connects well with another choice of mine; Marian Ancilla’s exercise science program.

Sports generally were another reason I chose the Marian Ancilla campus as the coaches offered me an opportunity to join the swimming and cross-country programs.

Tell us about your time here:

Marian University Ancilla started as a general education experience to move through my schooling. I was impressed with the degrees and the opportunity for greater educational attainment. My grade point average has been holding steady but takes more work than high school did since I am more challenged and still learning to adjust.

Getting involved with the cross-country team gave me more of an opportunity to connect with friends and enjoy the fun and fellowship. I was team captain for cross-country and won the NJCAA All American award for both swimming and cross country. The college learning opportunity is more important than high school as you build friendships and you discover more about who you are and what things interest you.

Tell us about your future now that you are graduating:

In my final semester, I took an additional EMT training class to secure my license. With an already 21-credit hour load, this kept me extremely busy as I wrapped up for graduation.

After graduation, I plan to take the final two tests for my EMT license as my goal is to apply and work at Starke County Fire department saving lives. However, no matter where I land, the skills I’ve learned will prepare me for a life-long career. In addition to that, Marian Ancilla athletics wants me to tentatively join as an assistant coach for the cross-country team which will allow me to use my skills to give back to a team I enjoyed as an undergraduate.

Is there anything special on campus you want to share?

I do have a small secret to share, MoonTree Studios on campus has cutting-edge artistic supplies, staff, and classes open to all students. Not only did they provide artistic growth, but they were also concerned about my stewardship and mental health. I’m grateful for my experiences and knowledge that staff and faculty care about my entire well-being.

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