Marian University College of Medicine Students Win Statewide Awards

by Glendal Jones | May 06, 2022

Marian University recently hosted the 12th Annual Meeting of the Indiana Physiological Society. It was an evening with medical student trainees from across the state presenting their research. Marian University College of Medicine students received awards for four projects including the following:

-       Biomedical Sciences Poster Division:

  • 3rd Place: Medical Student Ashley Orr and Gabby Born-Evers- “Hypothalamus-derived Neuromedin-U (NMU) in bone remodeling”

    -       Education Poster Division:

  • 1st Place: Medical Student Meghna Peesapati- “Too Much of A Good Thing: A Case Study of Suspected Acute Tubular Necrosis Provoked by Hypervitaminosis D”
  • 2nd Place: Medical Student Maghna Peesapati- “Bacteremia and Cellulitis Secondary to Co-infection with Myroides spp. and Providencia Stuartii”
  • 3rd Place: Medical Student Matthew Lashmet- “3D Visualization of Multiple Sclerosis”

Congratulations to all the College of Medicine Students who received awards, and honorable mentions, and submitted their research. Kudos to all for a job well done as we look forward to the next awards College of Medicine students win!

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