Eight things you didn’t know you need to know about Marian University

by Bailee Storms '19 | Apr 26, 2019
1. The owners of the mansions that made up Marian University’s original campus were three of the four founders of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


Allison Mansion

2. There are lots of hidden nooks around campus that make for perfect study spots—one being a terrace off of the third floor of the Michael A. Evans Center for Health Sciences.



On top of this building you will find peace and quiet, plenty of tables and seating to spread out, and a gorgeous view of Marian’s campus.

3. Another being in the Nina Mason Pulliam EcoLab Outdoor Classroom.

Outdoor Classroom

For those who love the outdoors, the Nina Mason Pulliam EcoLab is the place to be. You can explore nature as you walk through the trails. In the EcoLab, you’ll find an all-wood classroom where students can sit and do homework, hang with friends, and take some time to enjoy the outdoors.

4. There is Marian University pride everywhere you go on campus. The Steffen Music Center has the first ten notes of a very special song on the outside of the building. Can you guess the song?

Steffen Music Center

The exterior of the Steffen Music center is all about Marian spirit. The building features the first ten notes of the university’s “We Rise and Cheer for You Dear Marian” fight song. You can see these notes on the side of the building facing Wheeler-Stokely Mansion.

5. Sometimes, school can get a little stressful. Luckily, there are plenty of places to unwind around campus. The Allen Whitehill Clowes Tea House is a favorite spot for many students.

Tea House

This gorgeous area was just redone in 2018 and features peaceful greenery and relaxing places to sit.

6. The words found around the fountain in the center of campus are more than just for visual effect, they are the university’s four Franciscan Values.


Here at Marian we are proud to be a campus rooted in our Franciscan Values: Peace and Justice, Responsible Stewardship, Reconciliation, and Dignity of the Individual. At Marian, these core values are ingrained in our culture, including our curriculum.

7. The university’s campus location right in the heart of Indianapolis connects students to entertainment, dining, and professional sports. It also makes for great networking opportunities and career connections.


Marian has built many great relationships with different companies and organizations throughout Indy. Marian students have a great reputation in the local community, which translates to amazing internships and even full-time positions.

8. Located just north of the main campus is the Major Taylor Velodrome where our national championship cycling team trains, competes, and wins.


Knights supports Knights! The Major Taylor Velodrome is a great place for students to hang out and support the cycling team, who has won 44 national championships in total. Located on the north end of campus, the structure creates a great, entertaining atmosphere for watching multiple cycling disciplines compete.

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