Cross-Cultural Research Symposium Featured 47 Undergraduate Projects

by Susan Sullivan | Nov 26, 2018

In today's global world, being culturally competent is an important asset that can help college graduates distinguish themselves in the employment market and in their chosen professions.

That's why Marian University's Department of Languages and Cultures hosted its second-annual Cross-Cultural Symposium on November 14 during International Education Week.

2019 Cross-Cultural Symposium | Marian University

The event, which was held in Alumni Hall, included a panel of 43 faculty and staff judges who evaluated 116 students on the quality of their research and poster presentations.

The symposium showcased cross-cultural studies completed by undergraduate students taking introductory and intermediate French, German, Spanish, and Latin language courses.

Students earning degrees in business, education, and the liberal arts and sciences were represented, with four projects researching educational systems in different countries from students in the Klipsch Educators College.

Projects and participants

The projects featured in this year's event explore a range of cross-cultural issues—from education to business, the arts, religion, popular culture, holidays, crime, food, healthcare, politics, sports, and law, to name a few.

Participating projects are organized by category. Those selected as winning entries by judges are noted with asterisks (**). Winners were selected on the basis of the quality of their research and their poster presentations.


  • Effective Ways to Educate Hispanic Students in the U.S. Educational System**
    Hope Spaulding
  • Culture and Education: Haiti vs. America
    Caylee Maddox and Caitlyn Rigler
  • The Education System in Syria and the United States
    Nathaniel Ganger, Elizabeth McClure, and Sarah Witch


  • Influence of French Ballet on American Dance
    Brianna Croner, Cora Dale, and Rachel Dukes
  • Branching of Catholicism in the United States and France
    Baylee Dill and Jennifer Rowe
  • Finding the French in Cajun Food**
    Cameron Adams and Franchessca Cardenas
  • The Meals of the Day
    Matthew Burns, Maria Portman, and Zachary Schott
  • Halloween Crossover
    Tyler Hargrove, Deena Miller, and Erynne Pope
  • Combining Forces: France and Indiana Education Systems
    Emma Gilbert, Zoe Hilger, and Anna Stankovsky
  • Rugby vs. American Football: A Growing Passion
    Allan Augustus, Anton Berry, and Mac Dutra
  • Cross-Cultural Effect of Revolution on French and American Societies
    Gabriel Michael Proctor
  • Evolution: Basketball in France and the United States**
    Kaleb Yeknich
  • Citizenship in France and the United States
    Sang U Cung 


  • Frohe Weihnacten: Christmas in Germany and the United States
    Lisa Hess and Sophia Kalscheur​
  • Underground Music and Culture in Germany and the United States**
    Anthony Hamilton and Christian Marszalek
  • American Fast Food vs. German Street Food
    Justin W. Brown, Austin Peerman, and Ryan Surguy
  • Patriotism in Sports: American Football vs. Soccer in Germany
    Nathan Bogle, Anthony Jagel, and Nicholas W. Rosenow
  • The School Systems in Germany vs. the United States
    Quinn Cecil, Reagan Riddle, and Brigette G. Skees
  • World War Recycling: America vs. Germany**
    Sydney Mathias, Edythe Thompson, and Benjamin D. Wilson

Latin (Classics)

  • The Influence of Roman Law on United States Law
    Seth Abad, Serena Flanagan, and Alex King
  • Catholicism: The Last Living Legacy of Rome
    Luke Brown, Nicholas Lindstrom, and Mark Ninmer
  • A Comparison of the Class Reforms of the Roman and Modern American Militaries
    Chris Boswell, Nick Emsing, and Khaing Thu
  • Roman Mass Entertainment vs. Modern Mass Entertainment
    Gregory Deadman and Arlette-Marie Munyankindi
  • The Catholic Mass of Roman Times: A Comparison of Then and Now**
    Keith Hart, Phillip Rogier, and Tyler Underhill
  • How is Roman Sculpture Reflected in American Sculpture?
    Justin Horner, Moira Metz, and Nick Monnin
  • Roman and American Attitudes Toward the Dignity of the Soldier**
    Steven Conry, Peter Ponticello, and Isaac Siefker


  • ​Latino Health Paradox
    Varner Spencer and Aidan Washer
  • Differences in Business Practices: The United States vs. Mexico
    Blake Eley, Kylee Kasper, and Maggie Previs
  • Holy Week: Spain vs. United States
    Karalyn I. Evans and Joey L. Messer
  • Spain-United States: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of the Path to Citizenship
    Sarah Hershberger, Ryan Kehoe, and Lucas Normington​
  • Foods of El Salvador
    Charles Crayton II and Riley Ferguson
  • Crime in Peru
    Sam Osho, Sierra Schemenauer, and Jomar Seals
  • The Costa Rican Military
    Nick Graveel, Trenton Moore, and Andrew Streit
  • Sinaloas vs. American Crips
    Noah Earl and Merrick Strykowski
  • Poverty in Mexico vs. Mississippi
    Anna Getty, Kaitlyn Hill, and Sarah Spangler
  • Schools in Argentina vs. Schools in America
    Alexander Fauber, Anna Howard, and Megan Nasser
  • The Culture of Drinking in Spain and America**
    Chris Pappas and Julian Santos
  • HIV/AIDS Stigma in Latin America vs. the United States
    Justin Butsavage, Jency Joseph, and Hannah Young
  • El Chocolate**
    Seth Knoll, Grace McIntyre, and Elizabeth Lewis
  • El Templo Mayo en Mexico
    Isabella Simons
  • National Parks in Guatemala
    David Langford, Doug Payne, and Morgan Raines
  • The Virgin Mary vs. the Virgin of Guadalupe**
    Cameron Cardenas, Dakota Dorsett, and Elizabeth Kassab​
  • The Cost of Healthcare: A Comparison of the U.S. and Mexico
    Joy Crawford and Catherine Stone
  • Santa Claus, the Three Kings, and Rosca de Reyes: A Christmas Season Comparison of Spain and the United States
    Mason Miranda, Jacey Scales, and Benjamin Spannan
  • Political Satire in Valencia and the United States
    Elizabeth Cooley and Esther Ehrstine
  • A Peak into Holy Week, Comparing Mexico and the United States**
    Gracie Hamilton, Noah Isch, and Lauren Kenney​

Study abroad

  • Comparing the Teaching Profession in Korea and the United States
    Micayla Watroba

For more information about the symposium or the Department of Languages and Culture, contact Dr. Wendy Westphal at ​ or (317) 955-6026.

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