Student Named Outstanding Mentor

by Julia Kelb | Aug 02, 2018

CMFKSince her freshman year, Amanda DiCicco ’20 and her buddy, Raelynn, meet every Thursday on campus to chat and take part in a weekly activity. The duo was partnered together through College Mentors for Kids, an organization with a goal to provide children with a role model and expose young people to higher education.

Marian University students in the club are matched with students from Holy Angels Catholic School and meet consistently once a week, forming friendships and bonds. For her mentorship to Raelynn, Amanda received the Outstanding Mentor award from the nation-wide organization.

“Receiving this made me feel really proud to be Raelynn’s buddy, along with being grateful for Raelynn. I would not have received Outstanding Mentor if it weren’t for her,” Amanda said. “College Mentors for Kids changes their lives as much as it changes the mentors’ lives.”

Earlier in the year, Amanda and Raelynn received the Most Improved Buddy award at the Inspire Awards held in downtown Indianapolis. At the ceremony, Amanda and Raelynn took the stage to speak about their experiences as mentor and mentee in the organization.

“A great part of College Mentors is that the kids can leave whatever may be happening in their lives and come to have fun. I talked about how this program is so important for the kids,” Amanda said.

Close now, Amanda and Raelynn spent the first few meet ups getting to know one another and learning to trust each other.

“My favorite part about being a mentor is being able to hang out with Raelynn. She is an amazing buddy, and I got really lucky to be able to have her in my life. She is so much fun, and she really is one of my best friends,” Amanda said.

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