A day in the life of Knightro (and a few of his favorite things)

by Susan Sullivan | Nov 30, 2017

Ah, those strong, chiseled features. The dazzling smile. The shining armor, mighty sword and shield, and helmet topped with jaunty plume. At Marian University, Knightro is our very own super hero. He's also our official university mascot.

Knightro is Marian University's mascotKnightro loves to roam on epic quests throughout the realm. Take him with you wherever you go—vacations, concerts, restaurants, museums, or Indianapolis landmarks. He's always game for a journey. Learn how to make your own Nomadic Knightro.

If you spend time on campus, you never know when you might see Knightro out and about, going about his daily routine or having fun with students, faculty, or alumni (and Sister Norma, of course).

We shadowed Knightro for a couple of hours last week and this is what we saw. Check out our Day in the Life of Knightro video on YouTube.

It's a Ten.

We also asked Knightro why he likes being a Marian University student. Ask him tomorrow and the list will probably change—it's hard for him to choose just a few. Here's what he told us.

Knightro's Current "Top Ten" List

  1. Tradition:
     At this time of year, my favorite campus tradition is lighting the Christmas tree and mass.
  2. Study spot: Second-floor quiet area in the library.
  3. Tip for final exams: Don't wait until the last minute to study, take advantage of campus resources, and get some extra sleep.
  4. Food: Shane's omelets in the dining hall.
  5. Thing to do in Indianapolis: Spend time at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the month of May.
  6. Community service activity: Indy Do Day
  7. Student group: Psychology Club and STARR
  8. Down time in the dorm: Movie nights and video games
  9. Keeping in shape: Any intramural sport (and sand volleyball when it's warm)
  10. Class: First Year Seminar taught by Jennifer Plumlee

We plan to touch base with Knightro again in a few months. We want to see what he's up to when spring is in the air.

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